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                                  • The =n template in 1.0.7 of CR for Roslyn doesn't handle being in an expression block (like an if statement's conditional) and will expand to just = null instead of == null.  There needs to be a second expansion added for the =n template with an [InExpression] Context and text of == null (see attachment)

                                • Alex X (DevExpress) 01.08.2016

                                  Hi Brandon,

                                  Thank you for sharing this idea with us. I agree that the "=n" template should expand into the "== null" snippet in the condition expression within conditional statements. We will add such an expansion to the default CodeRush settings in one of our future releases.

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                                We have fixed this problem and will include it in an upcoming release. The final release date has not been set, but once it is published we will send you an automatic notification.