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                                  • Not sure if this applies to CodeRush for Roslyn or the legacy CodeRush (I have both installed), but previously if I had the cursor on a #region directive and pressed Ctrl+W (SelectionExpand) the entire section between (and including) the #region and #endregion directives were selected. Now, only the line containing the #region directive is selected.

                                    Is there some configuration option to change this, or is it a bug?

                                • Eugene R (DevExpress) 12.14.2015

                                  Hi Peter,
                                  We're aware of this problem and are going to correct it in the near updates.
                                  As a quick solution, I suggest you disable the "Selection Expand" functionality in CodeRush for Roslyn.
                                  For this, please select the "CodeRush\Options" menu item in the main menu. After that, navigate to the "IDE\Shortcuts" item in the list on the left side of the options dialog. Then, find the "Selection\Defining\Ctrl+W" option and disable it.

                                  I've attached a screenshot illustrating how to do this.

                                • Peter Palotas 12.14.2015

                                  Thanks, that workaround worked great! :)

                                • Eugene R (DevExpress) 12.15.2015

                                  Hi Peter,

                                  Good news is that the suggestion has helped you.
                                  You are welcome.

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                                We have fixed this problem and will include it in an upcoming release. The final release date has not been set, but once it is published we will send you an automatic notification.