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                                  • If Silverlight controls are not included into installer, it would be good to not process Silverlight project in ProjectConverter too and may be add notification in ProjectConverter that specific project needs older version of DevExpress controls. Currently my Silverlight project (.csproj and .xaml files) was updated to version 15.1.

                                    Sincerely yours,
                                    Viatcheslav V. Vassiliev

                                • Ivan (DevExpress Support) 06.25.2015

                                  Hi Viatcheslav,

                                  You've made a good point, and we agree that it makes sense to prohibit updating Silverlight projects to version 15.1. I have passed your feedback to our developers. They will research what can be done to avoid breaking projects.

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                                Additional information:

                                We are happy to inform you that our developers have implemented this functionality. Now, Project Converter will skip Silverlight projects and the Results column will display a warning like this:

                                Additionally, the corresponding info will be added to the Project Converter log.