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                                  • Hello!
                                    In our project we have our CustomAction that inherited from PopupWindowShowAction . Also we realized our ActionContainerHolder (MyActionContainerHolder) and MenuActionItem (CustomMenuActionItem). CustomMenuActionItem creates ASPxDropDownEdit that contains our template to show DetailView with other action. During page loading we have JavaScript Error " 0x800a138f - Ошибка выполнения JavaScript: Не удалось получить свойство "constructor" ссылки, значение которой не определено или является NULL" in method MenuRenderHelper.InlineInitializeItemElement at line "prepareItemOnClick = parentItemData[visibleIndex].constructor == Array".
                                    Is there any goog solution to solve this problem?
                                    I've attached a small solution that demonstrates current issue. To reproduce it - just run this project.

                                • Michael (DevExpress Support) 06.19.2015

                                  Hello Dzmitriy.

                                  Please accept our apologies for the delay in responding. We couldn't find an immediate answer or resolution. Please bear with us. We will inform you as soon as an answer is found.

                                • Marina B (DevExpress) 06.23.2015

                                  Hello Dzmitriy,

                                  The exception is caused by the "OK" and "Cancel" buttons placed in the PopupActions WebActionContainer from your Template.ascx. These buttons are identified as MainMenu elements, while they are not. It looks like the PopupWindowShowAction is incorrectly used in this case. Would you please clarify your final goal, use cases of the CustomMenuActionItem, and the control look and feel? I am looking forward to your reply.


                                • Dzmitriy Shirko (Xafari Team) 06.23.2015

                                  Hello Marina!
                                  We are using PopupWindowShow action just to not implement all helping methods, events and fields (such as CustomizePopupWindow event). And our action used instead PopupWindowShowAction in some cases where we think that our action would be simplier for users.

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                                Hello Dzmitriy,

                                The ActionContainerHolder uses the ASPxMenu as a control. Your CustomMenuActionItem is inherited from the TemplatedMenuActionItem class. TemplatedMenuActionItem sets its MenuItem.Template = this. At the same time, TemplatedMenuActionItem is instantiated as an ASPxDropDownEdit that contains another ASPxMenu in DropDownWindowTemplate. As it is stated in the MenuItem.Template Property article: "A Template cannot contain another menu control." So, this scenario is unsupported. Feel free to contact us if you have more questions.


                                • Dzmitriy Shirko (Xafari Team) 06.24.2015

                                  Hello Marina,
                                  Thanks for clarifying roblem. But is there any way to solve current problem? Because we use this use case for a long time and on previous versions all works fine and we want to save current action.

                                • Marina B (DevExpress) 06.25.2015

                                  Hello Dzmitriy,

                                  Would you please specify the version of our components where everything works fine? It will be useful if you provide a working sample project with that version. Is the popup window with "OK" and "Cancel" buttons required for your final goal? I am asking this because removing the "PopupActions" WebActionContainer from Template.ascx will eliminate the exception. I am looking forward to your reply.


                                • Dzmitriy Shirko (Xafari Team) 06.25.2015

                                  Hello Marina,
                                  There is previuos project converted to 14.2.7 build wich doesn't generate javascript exception and works as needed.

                                • Alexey (DevExpress Support) 06.26.2015

                                  Hello Dzmitriy,
                                  Thank you for your time and sample project.
                                  I regret to inform you that there is no way to avoid the limitation described in the MenuItem.Template Property article. Your implementation should not work originally.
                                  The best approach is to remove the "PopupActions" WebActionContainer from Template.ascx and add a button to handle clicks and execute your logic.
                                  Please let us know if you need further assistance.