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                                  • hi team

                                    as i say over the title i need to make the picture illustrated control

                                    the control must have the following characteristics

                                    1)have 2 properties in its items at least (description and a value or TAG)
                                    2)have a X for delete-remove the item from the list (just like TokenEdit control)
                                    3)mouse hover effet support
                                    4)item click or double click events to handle
                                    5)an extra glyph - image infront of the description (not replace the X) that i can set its item to what ever i like on runtime based on my file type
                                    6)ability to support scrolling when too many items are in the control (horizontal)
                                    7)when mouse is over it and scrolls up/down with wheel pass that command/event to its parent control to scroll the page up and down because now any control when my mouse is over it and i have a tone of posts, it stops scrolling when goes over that (list image or token edit) and doesnt continue the scroll for the parent "xrascrollable control", so it give the impression my app is stuck or crushed (thats not important right now)

                                    before i upgrade to 14.2.6 and try the token edit i was trying with list edit but i could find a way to add the X to remove items
                                    now with my new license i loved the Token Edit i think its Almost there if only i have the extra glyph infornt!

                                    can you please help?


                                • Johnny K 04.17.2015


                                • Johnny K 04.17.2015

                                  hey guys anyone here???????

                                • Johnny K 04.19.2015

                                  3d day without an answer.......hmmmmmm not a good start and that's suppose to be the "priority" support.......... :(

                                • Johnny K 04.20.2015

                                  making it public, since we are heading to day 4 without an answer....

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                                Hi John,

                                Please accept our apologies for the delayed response. The reason is that we received this message before the weekend and needed additional time to discuss with our R&D team the capability to meet all your requirements. Here are some comments.

                                Yes, the TokenEdit editor is the most appropriate control to implement the functionality you described and outlined on your screenshot.

                                1. The Token provides the Description and Value properties as demonstrated in the screenshot in the RepositoryItemTokenEdit.Tokens Property document;
                                2. TokenEdit tokens display a small delete icon to the left of the text by default;
                                3. Tokens under the mouse pointer are highlighted according to the current Skin;
                                4. The control provides the TokenClick and TokenDoubleClick events;
                                5. At the moment, there is no way to add an extra glyph to a token. There is a workaround, though. Set the DeleteTokenOnGlyphClick property to false and handle the CustomDrawTocketGlyph event to paint a custom image. In this situation, the glyph will be used only to visualize the token description. Users can remove tokens using the Backspace key. If this solution is not acceptable, please let me know. I am looking for the capability to extend TokenEdit with this feature by creating a custom editor derived from the TokenEdit control, but additional time will be required to finish this work.
                                6. If the AutoHeightMode property is set to RestrictedExpand, the editor stretches vertically until it reaches the lines' number specified by the MaxExpandLines property if there is an insufficient space to display all the required content. If the editor needs more lines, it displays scroll bars to scroll through its lines.
                                7. TokenEdit does not grab the MouseWheel event completely. It allows its parent container to handle this event.
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                                • Johnny K 04.20.2015

                                  thanks for the great reply Uriah,
                                  during those days i managed to play and discover almost all of the possibilities with the token edit, and i felt in love with it.
                                  but lets get into the details
                                  5)this is the big deal here. as you undestand i cant have users "guessing" that the backspace is deleting the tokens/attachmetns, i also use it on the right side now (the x) but i really think if you can expand this nice control to support glyphs per token would be nice. i mean the best aproach and not a "hack" should be in my opintion to extend the actual tokenItem, with 2 new properties glyph, and glyphposition (front,back)
                                  now you have the position property for the X delete in the editor, leave that as it is its great because in combination with a new tokenitem glyph inFront (for example) we (since i am not the only one that will find this usefull) will have withat we like, a custom glyph per token in the design mode and easier to code on runtime, and the standard X to delete the tokens.
                                  so we can use the token glyph for icons that will represnt my filetype adn will look like the screenshot.
                                  we are willing to wait for this if you can do it.(hopefully will not take too long, for me the best i can do is ~10-12 days (after that i have to present a solution) :(
                                  for now i think i will use a radial menu, when you click on the file to have some options where in there i will include the "delete", and try to hande the  CustomDrawTocketGlyph event to paint a custom image.
                                  please keep me posted if you will work an a new extended version of the tokenEdit with this options we talked about. you dont have to make a "custom editor" as you said. "just" add those 2 properties, glyph and location of that glyph. :)

                                • Uriah (DevExpress Support) 04.20.2015

                                  Please give me additional time to discuss this with our R&D team. I will get back to you soon.

                                • Johnny K 04.20.2015

                                  looking forward :)

                                • Uriah (DevExpress Support) 04.21.2015

                                  Hello Johnny,

                                  Me and my colleagues agreed that the feature which you requested is a very nice addition to the editor. I want to thank you for the detailed and useful feedback.

                                  This conversation was passed to our R&D team and discussed with our developers. They will take it into account when planning their schedules for the next development cycle.

                                • Johnny K 04.21.2015

                                  superb! well i can't wait for your next release :)
                                  you rock guys!

                                • Uriah (DevExpress Support) 04.22.2015

                                  Hello Johny,

                                  I am afraid that the possibility that this feature will be included in the upcoming release is faint, because all schedules for the current development cycle are already planned.

                                • Johnny K 04.22.2015

                                  oh so your next development cycle means? next year major release?  :(
                                  is this that hard to be squeezed in a 14.2.x release and not at a 15.1.x?

                                • Uriah (DevExpress Support) 04.22.2015

                                  Well, you know what's inside the life cycle of a large project. Developers have strict schedules and must complete them before the testing phase starts. Adding new schedules to the current iteration leads to canceling previously planned tasks, which is always not appropriate.