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                                • Franky Brandt 09.02.2012

                                  I'm very glad to see this feature is being added soon.
                                  I am in the process of changing my whole application from fibplus to standard components, and changing about 20 forms to use the new servermode, using views for now during the transition but i hope to be able to ditch the views and use queries in servermode by the time i'm finished converting all the forms and before i deploy the new version.

                                • Paulo (DevExpress Support) 09.02.2012

                                  Thank you for your feedback.

                                • Jeff Whiteside 10.03.2012

                                  Just want to comment on this subject. We also need SQL support as it doesn't make sense to only support tables. We have an analytics application and it is not unusual for some queries to run 500,000 lines and more. Server mode appears to be the answersm, but only if it supports SQL. Do you have an estimated timeframe?

                                • Paulo (DevExpress Support) 10.03.2012

                                  Thank you for your feedback. Yes, we have ETA for this feature. It is VCL 12.2. I believe it will be ready in two months.

                                • Adlay Almeida (AA) 10.26.2012

                                  Paulo, I know this is pending and not completed yet, but this is critical to our company because we have several areas with grids that are VERY slow after changing to the full suite of DevExpress controls. We're very happy with the transition, but this would make all the difference. Do you happen to know how this will be implemented? We typically use TDataSet and TADOQuery objects to fetch information and feed it to the grid. Does support for queries mean that we'll be able to connect the Server Mode View to a TADOQuery object rather than a table? Thanks.

                                • Raoulw 10.29.2012

                                  WIll there be a beta or RC for 12.2? I would like to test the SQL in server mode and announced Advantage Database support.

                                • Paulo (DevExpress Support) 10.29.2012

                                  Hello Raoul and Adlay,
                                  Yes, the beta version will be available, but I have no ETA for now.
                                  As for implementation details of this feature, you will be able to type an SQL query in a new Data Source component (TdxServerModeADOQueryDataSource) to display query data in the ServerMode view.

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                                Implementation Details:
                                VCL 12.2 adds support for queries to the server mode. Now you can query data tables/views in this mode by specifying an SQL statement via the SQL property of the new data source components: TdxServerModeADOQueryDataSource and TdxServerModeDBXQueryDataSource. Run the ADOServerModeQueryDemo and DBXServerModeQueryDemo demos to see these components in action.