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                                • Sean Stalker 09.12.2012

                                  Please make this change,

                                  Play with Does is make sense to show the phone # in the textbox? If the person had an Employee #, I would like the oprion to type it in.

                                • Mike (DevExpress Support) 09.26.2012


                                  The current behavior allows filtering only through the columns/pattern specified within the TextFormatString property (see the report's subject).
                                  If you want to include the a particular symbol (for example, #) into the filtration procedure, it is necessary in include it into both:
                                  - The ASPxComboBox.TextFormatString property (the symbol will be displayed as a part of the selected item text);
                                  - The resultant SELECT query, which searches through the corresponding data source's fields.

                                  If your scenario is different and you need a further assistance, please create a separate ticket in our Support Center and describe it in greater detail.

                                • Sean Stalker 09.26.2012

                                  My original unresolved issue Q429947 was marked as a duplicate of this issue and that’s why I posted my comment here. I assumed this was a suggestion to fix the issue I was bumping into which has nothing to do with symbols.
                                   I'm quite frankly getting very frustrated with the 97% solutions provided. I know how the control works-- that's not the problem.
                                  What I would like to do (using Q429947 as an example) is display “Kelsey Alvarez” in the textbox without giving up the ability to search for “807-7351”. I would also like the ASPxComboBox.Value property to return a valid selection when I type a name in like “Kelsey Alvarez” in the text field.
                                  The ASPxGridView control does almost what I need but it has some serious limitations as well. Most notably, you can’t search across multiple columns.

                                • Mike (DevExpress Support) 10.09.2012

                                  Hello Sean,

                                  Thank you for your clarification. At present, ASPxComboBox does not allow searching through all Columns and retrieving the Text property in the required manner.
                                  This topic is still a subject for discussion.
                                  We appreciate your feedback regarding this subject.

                                • K R 11.18.2013

                                  How can you allow this control to NOT search acrsoss all columns. Makes no sense at all.

                                • Jan Šotola 06.06.2014

                                  I'd like to vote for the Seans request. It would be helpful for my project as well.

                                • marc parthoens 07.22.2014

                                  Of course this is essential in today's world (people are used to use tools like Google)

                                • James Mayer 10.29.2014

                                  Please add this feature.  I reported it as a bug which of course was "as designed"

                                • Sagest Ekonomi 10.29.2014

                                  After 3 years you are still: "This topic is still a subject for discussion." ??

                                • RPT 12.17.2014

                                  I would also like to see a solution here.

                                • Ian Pook 12.17.2014

                                  Now that the ASPxGridview has a Search panel, I would guess the techniques now exist to roll this out to the combobox/gridlookup. Maybe next major update?

                                • John Daren Dizon 1 03.31.2015

                                  Please kindly make a patch about this, 'coz I know that you are aware of the issue about the gridlookup in a gridview's text bug.

                                • Vladimir Frizen (DevExpress) 05.22.2015
                                  Hello All,

                                  While this feature is not implemented, I would like to suggest you see the following tickets:
                                  ASPxComboBox MultiColumn Incremental Filtering - problems with searching other than first column and highlighting of search term
                                  ComboBox MultiColumn Incremental Filtering - How to filter items by column, but display text of another column in the ComboBox text box
                                  I managed to find a workaround for this task several years ago. Unfortunately, this solution disables some client-side functionality of the control. So, it might not meet requirements of certain projects. If you implement it in your application, please test the control behavior thoroughly.
                                • David Bowler 07.24.2015

                                  We are also waiting for this feature... please implement.

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                                Starting with v18.1, this task can be accomplished with the new ASPxComboBox filtering API:

                                The ASPxComboBox - Custom Filtering demo illustrates how to use this API to implement search in columns that are not included in TextFormatString.

                                I have found a totally client side work around for this issue by temporarily swapping the associated list boxes format string with one that represents all the columns before allowing the original filter function to continue and then changing back once that is complete. This seems to work quite well in that the lookup value is highlighted in any column. Note: I have only tested this on v15.1 and due to the fact it is accessing/overriding internal methods I can't say which other versions it will actually work on.

                                Just apply an Init client event handler to your ASPxComboBox with this code.
                                function OnInit(s, e) { //store actual filtering method and override var actualFilteringOnClient = s.filterStrategy.FilteringOnClient; s.filterStrategy.FilteringOnClient = function () { //create a new format string for all list box columns. you could skip this bit and just set //filterTextFormatString to whatever you wanted for instance "{0} {2}" would only filter on //columns 1 and 3 var lb = this.GetListBoxControl(); var filterTextFormatStringItems = []; for (var i = 0; i < lb.columnFieldNames.length; i++) { filterTextFormatStringItems.push('{' + i + '}'); } var filterTextFormatString = filterTextFormatStringItems.join(' '); //store actual format string and override with one for all columns var actualTextFormatString = lb.textFormatString; lb.textFormatString = filterTextFormatString; //call actual filtering method which will now work on our temporary format string actualFilteringOnClient.apply(this); //restore original format string lb.textFormatString = actualTextFormatString; }; }