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                                • James Zhong 07.03.2012

                                  Any progress to provide Maximize/Restore methods to ASPxPopupControl?

                                • Vladimir Frizen (DevExpress) 07.06.2012

                                  We confirm that the issue is on our To-Do list. However, it is hard to say precisely when it will be released.

                                • James Zhong 07.06.2012

                                  Thanks Vladimir for your confirmation!
                                  Hope you can introduce Maximize/Restore buttons to ASPxPopupControl shortly, which is easier to implement than Minimize button, because Maximize/Restore buttons don't need 'Taskbar' to restore the minimized window.

                                • James Zhong 07.06.2012

                                  Also, XAF now uses ASPxPopupControl to show detail views, which needs 'Maximize' capability urgently. Thanks!

                                • Mike (DevExpress Support) 07.11.2012

                                  Thank you for your feedback.

                                • Altaf Khatri 07.26.2012

                                  The maximize, minimize button for MVC Popupcontrol is really needed. Please help.

                                • Mike (DevExpress Support) 08.01.2012

                                  Thank you for your feedback. At present, this feature is not yet available. We will update this ticket once there are any news and updates.

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