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                                  • Currently the TcxPivotGridHitTest Properties include HitAtDataCell. Unfortunately, DataCells can be either non Total Cells, or Total Cells.
                                    I would like HitAtTotalCell to be added. This would ease identification of total and non-total cells.
                                    Yes, the developer can dance around this, by utilizing a snipped of code that below, but that isn't the point.
                                    Logically, if you are identifying various parts of the grid through the HitTest, one should be able to use that
                                    functionality to find out if they are on a total cell or not.
                                    (an example, useful only for non-multi-cell select)
                                      Selection : TRect;
                                      bIsTotalCell: boolean;
                                      Selection := grdManager.ViewData.Selection;
                                      x := Selection.Left;
                                      y := Selection.Top;
                                      bIsTotalCell := grdManager.ViewData.Rows[y].IsTotal or
                                    Proposed Solution:
                                    Add a new property, HitAtTotalCell to the TcxPivotGridHitTest.

                                • Alex M (DevExpress) 08.14.2009

                                  This suggestion was marked as implemented in v2 by mistake. We're sorry for the inconvenience.

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