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                                By default, the standard FullTextSearch Action is mapped to the "FullTextSearch" category or Action Container that is physically present in the main, detail and lookup control templates. Historically, it is missing in the nested frame template, which is typically used for ListPropertyEditor, DetailPropertyEditor or DashboardViewItem, mainly not to overload their toolbar with a large text box.

                                If you still need full text search functionality in nested frame templates, you can consider the following solutions:

                                 Create a custom nested frame template as per the Template Customization. article and manually add the "FullTextSearch" action container into it. This solution appears to be the most difficult from the implementation and further maintenance points of view.

                                2. Customize the default mapping of Actions to the default Action Containers in the Application Model. To do this, invoke the Model Editor and follow this video:

                                Take special note that It is important to make a copy of the Action definition and place it into the Action Container (e.g., Link), which is NOT present in the main, detail and lookup control templates to avoid duplication of Actions in the UI:

                                This solutions appears to be the easiest one from all points.

                                3. Enable native filtering features of the underlying grid, tree and other data bound controls used in nested ListView. For instance, the Find Panel or Auto Filter Row features also provide very good filtering experiences many of your clients will love.  The only disadvantage (which can be noticeable in advanced scenarios only) is that with the standard FullTextSearch Action you can provide common customizations for root and nested ListView using the events and other extensibility points of our FilterController, while for the native control features, you will likely have to implement platform-dependent customizations.

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