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                                  • <para>EFObjectSpaceProviderCF -> EFObjectSpaceProviderCodeFirst
                                    EFObjectSpaceProvider -> EFObjectSpaceProviderModelFirst
                                    or rather leave a single EFObjectSpaceProvider + refactor parameters in constructor for more usability.

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                                Additional information:

                                Now you can use the EFObjectSpaceProvider class for both Code-First and Model-First approaches:

                                //Model-First: new EFObjectSpaceProvider(typeof(EFDemoObjectContext), TypesInfo, null, args.ConnectionString, EFDemoModule.Metadata, EFDemoModule.Provider); ... //Code-First: args.ObjectSpaceProvider = new EFObjectSpaceProvider(typeof(EFDemoDbContext), TypesInfo, null, args.ConnectionString);

                                The EFExportedTypeHelperCF class is no longer used.
                                Refer to the Business Model Design with Entity Framework help article for more details.