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                                  • In order to keep user interface alive and reactive, pivotgrid queries should be executed in a multi-threading way, with an option of cancelling the current query llike in excel 2007-2010 when pressing "Esc".
                                    I really believe this will move your control one step further.
                                    In case you already offered an option to do this, please forget this suggestion.

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                                Hello Julio,
                                Thank you for the suggestion. We already have a similar request in our Support Center: PivotGrid - Perform data loading and calculation in a separate thread. However, I have passed this one to our developers, and they will discuss "canceling" feature implementation in future versions.

                                • Jiri 02.04.2015

                                  any update?

                                • Alex (DevExpress Support) 02.05.2015

                                  Hi Jiri,

                                  At present, this functionality is not supported. Please add this ticket to your Favorites list and you will receive an Email notification once we make a final decision regarding this feature.