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                                  • Hi,
                                    please add the possibility to add use a text field as a data field of a pivot.
                                    In the moment a text field is shown as count.
                                    It would be interesting to have the MIN/MAX/COUNT and COUNT DISTINCT as data field.
                                    Kind regards

                                • Valdemar (DevExpress Support) 08.03.2010

                                  Hello Jens,
                                  Thank you for the suggestion. We appreciate your input.
                                  Please explain how you see this behavior based on some sample data.
                                  Images, illustrating necessary results, will be helpful.

                                • Jens Fudickar [DX-Squad] 08.04.2010

                                  Hi Valdemar,
                                  I've added a small XLS-File which shows the basic idea.
                                  I hope it's more clear then.
                                  Kind regards

                                • Jens Fudickar [DX-Squad] 10.26.2010

                                  Any News?

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