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                                  • It would be great if the ASPxPopup supported enabling for maximize/minimize feature (icons next to the close button) that would maximize the popup to the full extend of the parent window and when clicking minimize icon, minimize just to a minimal floating window showing some of the caption.
                                    Proposed Solution:
                                    See above

                                • Henrik Brinch 02.26.2010

                                  I know I can probably do this by some javascript, but I feel this should be standard functionality of a popup.

                                • Plato (DevExpress Support) 02.26.2010

                                  Hi Henrik,
                                  I am afraid the suggestion is unclear to us. Could you please clarify where the ASxPopupControl should be minimized? Also, how you see the Maximizing feature? Please give us more details.

                                • Henrik Brinch 02.26.2010

                                  Maximize should resemble the functionality of normal windows, with an icon. When clicking the icon the popup should extend its height to the maximum height of its parent (the same with the width).
                                  (I made a similar suggestion for the ASPxHTMLEditor where your support provided a solution: by implementing a button in the editor which would maximize the editor to full width/height of the window)
                                  Minimize (not as important as maximize) should minimize the popup to e.g. a 10x100 pixels wide floating div displaying the caption along with the maximize,close icons.

                                • Plato (DevExpress Support) 03.01.2010

                                  Hi Henrik,
                                  Thank you for the clarification. I have set the status of this issue to duplicate. We will surely consider this feature for future implementation.

                                • Mike (DevExpress Support) 12.17.2010

                                  Hello Henrik,
                                  We decided to separate the maximize and minimize features for ASPxPopupControl, so I have created a new suggestion on your behalf: Provide the capability to maximize ASPxPopupControl. Since you are the owner of this report - you can post your comments there. Please track both the Provide the capability to maximize ASPxPopupControl and Provide the capability to minimize ASPxPopupControl reports to be notified when these features become avaliable.

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