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                                  • Hello DevExpress. We have create TxdxChartControl.
                                    Source code and demo project is attached.
                                    Can we free distribute our product only for your customers?Can we sell our product for your customers?
                                    Will we violate your EULA if will distribute?
                                    XDX Team.

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                                We have reviewed your source code (at least partially) and do not see how it can violate our EULA. If I understand correctly, you just write descendants for our controls and do not use our own code. Thus, you are free to sell these products to our customers or give them charts for free. Moreover, I think that you are doing a great job creating such custom extensions to our products and both you and DevExpress will benefit from xdxCharts.
                                The only problem I see is the fact that we cannot tell you whether a certain customer is our subscriber or not.
                                So, it may be necessary to change your business model in the future.

                                • XDX DevTeam 03.22.2013

                                  Hello DevExpress.
                                  I think, that all your customers is honest persons.
                                  So we will take on trust.
                                  Please mark this ticket as public (except attachments).
                                  XDX Team.

                                • OK. Done.

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