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                                  • I just upgraded from 2. (don't remember exactly, but it was .1 or .01) and parsing the solution items is taking quite a bit longer than it did in the older version.
                                    Is there anything specific I need to do?

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                                • Hi Judith,

                                  You do not need to do anything specific. Would you please provide more information on your solution? How big is it? How many projects does it have? What kind of projects does it contain? The first time you open a solution, it may take a lot of time to be parsed. However, every next opening will take less time as the caching mechanism is used instead on the next solution load.

                                • Judith Estep 12.27.2012

                                  I have numerous solutions which are similar. They are web sites with around 300-400 files. I just opened one up that I had opened yesterday and it tool 92 seconds for the parsing solution task to get done and unlock the files so I could work on them.
                                  Other info- I do have the sites under Subversion.
                                  CPU for deveng goes up to about 85%, then drops down once solution is parsed.
                                  I had a similar problem with Visual SVN when I upgraded to VS 2012- it locked VS as it was doing it's thing. That is what happens now. Here is what they found out- maybe it is something similar. It just didn't take as long before I upgraded DevExpress, even though I was still using VS 2012.

                                • Thank you for the update, Judith.

                                  We have a special diagnostic tool included in the product that may help us research the performance issue when your solution is parsed.

                                  You are welcome to refer to the following Knowledge Base article and collect the required diagnostic log files:

                                  What is the best way to track down the cause of the performance problems?

                                  You may not select all the options, but only the 'Parser profiling' option.

                                • Judith Estep 12.27.2012

                                  Here are the logs.

                                • Hi Judith,

                                  Thank you for providing the log files. I have reviewed them with a special tool and found only the following operation that takes abnormal time for processing:

                                  Event handler: CR_UnitTestRunner.UnitTestService.EventNexus_SolutionParsed
                                  Work time: 65.39 sec
                                  Allocated memory: 12.1 MB

                                  This operation is related to the Unit Test Runner service. Once a solution is parsed, it took more than 1 minute to be processed. I recommend you temporarily disable this service in the CodeRush Options Dialog accessible via the DevExpress menu on the Unit Testing | Test Runner option page (Enable Unit Tests Service) and see if it makes a difference. What are your results?

                                • Judith Estep 12.28.2012

                                  Thanks, that fixed it. It took only about 10 seconds on a solution I used yesterday and didn't lock the screen up while I was waiting.

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                                Hi Judith,

                                This is great news! I'm glad to hear that it works faster for you now. However, we are going to look into our Unit Test Runner service and see why it took a lot of time to process a solution.

                                And just a quick note for everyone experiencing this issue:

                                If a solution build process takes longer than expected, try to disable the Unit Test Service and see if it makes a difference. The Unit Test Service is configurable on the Unit Testing | Test Runner option page (Enable Unit Tests Service) in the CodeRush Options Dialog (accessible via the DevExpress menu).

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                                • Judith Estep 05.27.2013

                                  This problem has arisen again. I'm using with test runner turned off. I have a couple of different plugins, but
                                  during the status of DXCore:Parsing solution items.... , the screen is locked and it takes a while.
                                  Here are my logs from today after turning on the diagnostics.

                                • Alex B.G. (DevExpress) 05.27.2013

                                  Hi Judith,

                                  Thank you for your response and providing additional information. We regret to hear that you are experiencing some inconvenience using our product again.

                                  Our developers have examined the provided logs and found that the "Ensures Contract" and "Add Contract" refactorings may be the possible cause of freezing. At the moment our team has performed a bunch of optimizations to improve performance and memory usage. So, I would advise you to update CodeRush to the newest version using the following link to download the updated build containing the necessary changes:

                                  If this doesn't solve the problem, we would like to have a look at the issue in action to understand what steps to take on. A small screencast will be very useful. You can record it with the Jing ( tool.

                                  Thanks in advance.

                                • Judith Estep 05.28.2013

                                  The loading DX core status doesn't show for as long, but the total time to get the project responsive to any edits is more than a minute. I didn't think to log the actions, so please let me know if you need that also. The video doesn't show my cursor, but I was trying to click into the code at various times to see if it was responding.
                                  Here is the link to the video:

                                • Alex B.G. (DevExpress) 05.29.2013


                                  If I understand you correctly, there is no reason to think that the cause of the issue is related to Parsing solution items. Then, let's look for other possible causes.

                                  I have noticed that your solution is connected to SVN and placed on the dedicated server. I suppose that checking the status of solution items may cause freezing. If it is possible, disconnect your solution from SVN and check if hanging is still present.

                                  Try it with several combinations when CodeRush is loaded or unloaded. For more information, please refer to the following article:
                                  How to temporarily disable IDE tools (CodeRush) and load them manually

                                • Judith Estep 05.29.2013

                                  I just turned off the SmartTags this morning because I had been seeing slowness while editing a page and I remembered I had had to turn them off in the past. The projects are all loading quickly now. I thought I would be able to keep SmartTags on because of the size of ram and 4 processors on my new computer, but I can't if I want speed.
                                  I'll post back if I see anything else going on.

                                • Alex B.G. (DevExpress) 05.30.2013


                                  Thank you for sharing your experience. The fact that disabling the smart tag led to slowness disappearance indicates that the cause of freezing is related to the refactoring or code providers.
                                  I noted earlier that checking the availability of the "Add Contract" provider requires a lot of time and may be the cause of freezing.
                                  If you want to use the Smart Tag menu, try to temporarily disable this provider. Please refer to the "\Editor\Code Modification\Catalog" option page. Just uncheck the "Add Contract" item in the list box.

                                  To process this issue more efficiently, I have created a separate report on your behalf. Please refer to the following thread:

                                • Judith Estep 06.10.2013

                                  It seems like I've got two different topics going here. I posted some info RE smart tags on this topic:

                                • Thank you for your clarification.
                                  In the future, let us continue discussing CodeRush Smart Tag performance in ticket B235829.

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