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                                  • Hi,
                                    I downloaded you're trial version of DXperiences 12.1 of DexExpress.
                                    I wana know if you're program is avaliable with Visual Basic 6.0 before whatever ?
                                    I didn't find the controls files .OCX for VB6 on you're package, maybe it's not include on you're trial package ?

                                    I read some other post on you're forum like (Q38031) like this :

                                    Serge (DevExpress Support)
                                    4 years ago
                                    First of all, let me thank you for your interest in our products. We greatly appreciate that.
                                    We did provide ActiveX controls for VS 6 in the past, but we don't offer them at present. However, they are still available to our registered customers. I'm sorry...


                                    Or this one (B205346) :

                                    Stan (DevExpress Support)
                                    2 years ago

                                    Hi Ali,
                                    Thank you for your question.
                                    I suppose that the cause of the problem is that the dockpanel does not automatically lose focus in a VB6 environment.
                                    I should warn you that we do not guarantee full backward compatibility with the VB6 platform, so I strongly recommend you rewrite your
                                    application in a native .NET Framework environment. Meantime, as a
                                    possible solution, set the">HideImmediatelyOnAutoHide
                                    Please try this solution and let me know of your results.

                                    So, what kind of solution could you answer to me ?
                                    Thanks a lot,
                                    Best regards,

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                                Hi Alex,

                                Thanks for you're answer.
                                We talked with my manager this morning about this problem between visual basic 6.0 and DevExpress compatibilities.
                                I'm in training in a french entertainement in France during 3 mounths.
                                So we decided to adapt their products with Dev Express technologies for testing perfomencies with this.
                                I'll have a contract conditions documents to write for explain my methods as subject of my training.
                                So, in future, I probably have to ask you some technicals questions about DevExpress ;)
                                I'll ask you soon so.
                                I'm now working on Visual Studio 2010 with ASP .NET (Framework 4.0) for my tests.
                                Have a nice day.

                                Best regards,

                                • Thank you for the update, Jérémy. Feel free to contact us at any time if you need further assistance.

                                  P.S. Once your question has been resolved, please mark it as a Solution. Your question status will immediately become Closed and other users will be able to refer to this marked solution.

                                • HUART Jérémy 12.10.2012

                                  Hi Alex,

                                  I started to loot at Dev Express items. Actually, i explored the first template u propose who's call "DXperience 12.2 Windows Form Application".
                                  I special looked at code and I tested all parameters for know all of them, and i have some questions for you.
                                  I give you my report in attachment (.doc)
                                  Is it possible some parameters doesn't work yet correctly ? If it's that, please tell me what parameters.

                                  Questions :
                                  For all of this parameters, I would know what are their functions. I tested all this parameters and nothing has change so if u can tell me more about this lines, i'll appreciate you're help :

                                  1)     *.Dock (exemple : Me.splitContainerControl.Dock)
                                  2)     Me.navBarControl : Is it possible this parameter be use for other things as mailGroup ?
                                  3)     Me.navBarControl.OptionsNavPane.ExpandedWidth
                                  4)     Me.navBarControl.StoreDefaultPaintStyleName = True
                                  5)     Me.mailGroup.Expanded
                                  6)     Me.navbarImageListLarge.TransparentColor
                                  7)     XyDiagram1.AxisX.Range.ScrollingRange.SideMarginsEnabled = True
                                  8)     XyDiagram1.AxisY.VisibleInPanesSerializable = "-1"
                                  9)     Me.chartControl.Diagram = XyDiagram1
                                  10)     Me.chartControl.Legend.MaxHorizontalPercentage = 30.0R
                                  11)     Me.chartControl.SeriesSerializable = New DevExpress.XtraCharts.Series(-1) {}
                                  12)     Me.chartControl.SeriesTemplate.ArgumentDataMember = "Arguments"
                                  13)     Me.chartControl.SeriesTemplate.ArgumentScaleType = DevExpress.XtraCharts.ScaleType.Qualitative
                                  14)     SideBySideBarSeriesLabel1.LineVisible = True
                                  15)     PointOptions1.ArgumentNumericOptions.Format = DevExpress.XtraCharts.NumericFormat.General
                                  16)     PointOptions1.ValueNumericOptions.Format = DevExpress.XtraCharts.NumericFormat.General
                                  17)     SideBySideBarSeriesLabel1.PointOptions = PointOptions1
                                  18)     SideBySideBarSeriesLabel1.ResolveOverlappingMode = DevExpress.XtraCharts.ResolveOverlappingMode.[Default]
                                  19)     Me.chartControl.SeriesTemplate.Label = SideBySideBarSeriesLabel1
                                  20)     Me.chartControl.SeriesTemplate.ValueDataMembersSerializable = "Values"
                                  21)     Me.splitterItem1.AllowHotTrack = True
                                  22)     Me.ribbonControl.ExpandCollapseItem.Id = 0
                                  23)     Me.ribbonControl.Items.AddRange(New DevExpress.XtraBars.BarItem() {Me.ribbonControl.ExpandCollapseItem, Me.iNew, Me.iOpen, Me.iClose, Me.iFind, Me.iSave, Me.iSaveAs, Me.iExit, Me.iHelp, Me.iAbout, Me.siStatus, Me.siInfo, Me.alignButtonGroup, Me.iBoldFontStyle, Me.iItalicFontStyle, Me.iUnderlinedFontStyle, Me.fontStyleButtonGroup, Me.iLeftTextAlign, Me.iCenterTextAlign, Me.iRightTextAlign, Me.rgbiSkins})
                                  24)     Me.ribbonControl.StatusBar = Me.ribbonStatusBar
                                  25)     Me.rgbiSkins.Gallery.AllowHoverImages = True
                                  26)     Me.rgbiSkins.Gallery.FixedHoverImageSize = False
                                  27)     Me.rgbiSkins.Gallery.ImageSize = New System.Drawing.Size(32, 17)

                                  Thanks a lot for you're answer.
                                  Best regards,

                                • Hi Jérémy,

                                  I've created a separate ticket on your behalf in order to address your new questions:


                                  Please do not mix several questions in a single thread as it is hard to follow them both for us and other users. We will get back to you shortly.


                                Hi Jérémy,

                                I'm afraid that Visual Basic 6.0 is not supported and our components are intended to be used with Visual Studio .NET IDE or VCL IDEs. You can see the list of currently supported IDEs and .NET Framework versions on the following page: Current Version/Build.

                                As Serge mentioned, registered customers may access ActiveX controls but their development was stopped a long time ago. Let me know how you would like to proceed.

                                If you need additional product information, write to us at or call us at +1 (818) 844-3383

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