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                                  • In the attached image, you can two issues:

                                    1) the selected cell has a white background color instead of the desired blue highlight

                                    2) the selected row keeps the grid column background colors instead of the desired blue highlight

                                    I've set the background property on the CellStyle of the columns - but I don't want that background color to override the standard 'blue' selection background color:

                                    <dxg:TreeListControl AutoPopulateColumns="True" HorizontalAlignment="Stretch" Name="treeList" VerticalAlignment="Stretch">


                                    <Style x:Key="attrBackground"

                                    BasedOn="{StaticResource {dxgt:GridRowThemeKey ResourceKey=CellStyle}}"


                                    <Setter Property="Background" Value="Linen"/>




                                    <dxg:TreeListColumn AllowSorting="True" FieldName="Generated_Date" Header="Generated On" Width="130" />

                                    <dxg:TreeListColumn AllowSorting="True" FieldName="Act_Vol_Shrinkage" Header="Act Vol Shrink" CellStyle="{StaticResource attrBackground}">


                                    <dxe:TextEditSettings MaskType="Numeric" MaskUseAsDisplayFormat="True" Mask="p" />





                                    <dxg:TreeListView AllowEditing="False" Name="treeListView" ShowTotalSummary="False" />



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                                Hello Craig,
                                Thank you for your inquiry. Since you are not editing data in a TreeList, I suggest you set the NavigationStyle property to Row, so the editor will not show up and the cell will not be highlighted specifically. As for the focused row background, move the style setter to the trigger as follows:

                                <Style x:Key="attrBackground" BasedOn="{StaticResource {dxgt:GridRowThemeKey ResourceKey=CellStyle}}" TargetType="dxg:CellContentPresenter"> <Style.Triggers> <DataTrigger Binding="{Binding RowData.IsFocused}" Value="False"> <DataTrigger.Setters> <Setter Property="Background" Value="Linen"/> </DataTrigger.Setters> </DataTrigger> </Style.Triggers> </Style>
                                This will prevent re-coloring of the focused row background.
                                Please take a moment to review this solution and let us know of your results.

                                • Craig Austin 10.11.2012

                                  Thanks. This worked perfectly.

                                • You are welcome! I'm glad to hear that this solution helped.

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