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                                  • I'm trying to restore a custom layout for my report.

                                    There is a base report called RptBase with some common features and helper methods.

                                    This is an empty report with some methods and an EntityServerModeSource for report data.

                                    Than we have an inherited RptCustomer which inherits from RptBase.

                                    It has a layout with a few fields/labels and some details (phone, address and email).

                                    Finally we have the RptCustomerByCategory which inherits RptCustomer.

                                    It adds a group for details, grouping customers by their category on the system.

                                    These reports are working fine if I use the static method (which loads class info too).

                                    But if I save the layout and restore it, DataMember is lost for details and the end-user has to re-assign it every single time.

                                    The whole layout is all restored fine, just the DataMember part is lost.

                                    Any clue?

                                • Hi Anderson,

                                  It is difficult to clearly diagnose this problem without being able to reproduce it locally.
                                  Could you please provide us with a sample illustrating your issue?
                                  We will examine it, and do our best to help you.

                                • Andrew,
                                  Thanks for the reply. Attached is a sample.
                                  While creating the demo I was playing a bit with the layout file for the report (before I couldn't because it's a compressed GZip stream).
                                  Looks like some parts are missing, as follows:
                                  - The detail group is not saved to the layout file.
                                  - All the inherited layout is not saved at all.
                                  Than I've changed the line (commented on Helper/ReportHelper.cs) to save an empty version of the XRBaseCustomer and the layout is correctly saved but I need to save the XRCustomerByType, which inherits from XRBaseCustomer.
                                  It's a bit confusing but the whole idea is to save the most specific report's layout (XRCustomerByType) and it's layout is going empty on the SaveLayout method.

                                • Hello,

                                  Thank you for your feedback.
                                  I have tried to reproduce the issue with the latest version of our suite, 2012.1.7, but without success. Please review the attached screencast and update to this version. I've made only one change, renamed GroupHeader for inherited control from "GroupHeader1" to "GroupHeader1i", since controls names should be unique.

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                                Thanks for your reply.

                                I've figured out what was happening:

                                1) The duplacated name was breaking the export process. After changing, export/load was fine.

                                2) The EntityServerModeSource object must always be initialized BEFORE layout loading. This is required because if you load the layout before, there will be no definition of a type for an element and the loaded layout looses DataMember references. Changing code to set EntityServerModeSource.EntityType before the LoadLayout call solved this other issue.

                                Thanks, really, for the reply.

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