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                                  • ATM the ServerModeDataSource Compontents only have a table field.
                                    Is it planned to enhance it to Query instead of table ?`

                                    I use Devart's UniDAC Components to access databases.
                                    I tried to implement a ServerModeUniDacDatasource.

                                    I saw that it is possible if i also write a UniDacSQLAdapter
                                    What do you think about it ?

                                • TUGRUL TAMTÜRK 07.05.2012

                                  same question. Please support Unidac also

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                                Also can you implement AnyDac ?

                                • Paulo (DevExpress Support) 12.19.2012

                                  Hello Kalem,
                                  A similar question has been already discussed in our Support Center. Please refer to the AnyDac support for Server Mode? ticket for the information.

                                Thank you for your feedback and sharing your ideas with us. A query is not supported for now, and we do not have immediate plans to implement it.
                                I will show this message to our developers. With the recent v2012 vol 1.2 RC version we have added support for Firebird, InterBase, and MySQL databases. UniDAC components are not supported for now. With the coming full major release we are going to support Oracle databases. With subsequent releases we shall consider the possibility of supporting other databases (including the Advantage and UniDAC database).
                                To get helpful information on how to implement UniDAC support in ServerMode please refer to the UniDAC in Server Mode Knowledge Base article.

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                                • TUGRUL TAMTÜRK 07.06.2012

                                  UniDac is not Database !!!
                                  UniDac is NATIVE DELPHI TDataset replacement component.
                                  Unidac is also supports MsSql, MySQL, Oracle, and common other databases.

                                • Bogdan Horvat 07.06.2012

                                  What's the point to use only tables ? For serious applications use queries is absolutely necessary.

                                • Stefan Diestelmann 07.06.2012

                                  The decision only to support tables make the ServerModeDataset useless for serious developers.
                                  I can't remember any Application where I only use one Table in my Grids.
                                  Normally i use relational data accross many tables with Joins....
                                  In my Opinion the most effective way to implement useful ServerMode Dataset would be to build the UniDACServerModeDataSource.
                                  Most Database features of common Databases are already implementet. And the Costs to by this Component are affordable.

                                • TUGRUL TAMTÜRK 07.06.2012

                                  "The decision only to support tables make the ServerModeDataset useless for serious developers."
                                  Absoultely agree. We pay Devexpress for years and we have right to want real features, not for show...

                                • Pavel Malinsky 07.07.2012

                                  Hello friends,
                                  I too agree with comments above. Support of queries is very necessary.
                                  And icing on the cake would be support (best data components for me) UniDAC from Devart.
                                  Thank for reflection!

                                • Paulo (DevExpress Support) 07.09.2012

                                  I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who has commented within this ticket.
                                  Our engineers involved in the Server Mode development have examined the discussion. We agree that the use of queries or something similar would be a great advantage for cxGrid's Server Mode. I should mention that this new mode is under active development now, and it is constantly evolving. At present our developers are examining the possibility to embed view support in addition to tables. In my opinion, this is very close to query behavior discussing in this ticket. I assure you that we will do our best to make such a key feature as ServerMode as much useful for advanced development as possible.

                                • Bogdan Horvat 07.09.2012

                                  well, Views are right direction, but not enough. In my applications I have many dynamic SQLs, which I can't solved with views.
                                  Please, consider to use SQL query with subselect, like :
                                  select * from
                                  select <fields>, sum(...), (select some field from other table where condition) as NewField
                                  from some Table
                                  where condition
                                  order by some field

                                • Jens Fudickar [DX-Squad] 07.09.2012

                                  I totally agree.
                                  Views is nice, but the possibility to have free sql statements is realy important.
                                  For the most database applications I know you need the possibility to create dynamic statements.

                                • Byron Baynham_1 07.09.2012

                                  +1 for support of queries.

                                • Y Developer 07.09.2012

                                  +1 for support of queries.

                                • Deniz Tekin 07.09.2012

                                  +1 for support of queries.

                                • TUGRUL TAMTÜRK 07.10.2012

                                  +1 for support of queries ! (again)

                                • Soeren Schmahl 07.10.2012

                                  +1 for support of queries. It makes no sence to use Tables from SQL based RDBMS...

                                • Soeren Schmahl 07.10.2012

                                  I take my (+1) back, it's not necessary to use Tables. It can be a view. And if I override SQLBuilder I could use also stored procedures...

                                • Paulo (DevExpress Support) 08.31.2012

                                  Taking into account all feedback we received regarding the support for queries (not only in the context of this ticket), we decided to create a new thread specially for this feature (as the original subject for this ticket is related to UniDAC support in ServerMode, but not to queries support). The newly created ticket is Server Mode - Add the capability to retrieve data with queries.
                                  Note that it is not necessary to vote in comments there as we already admitted that this feature is very important for our customers and we will do our best to implement this as soon as possible. Our developers are working at full tilt on it and I believe it will be ready soon.

                                • Jeff Whiteside 10.03.2012

                                  Just to add to this, we also use UNIDAC as it allows us to standardize database access. Since Devart also do DBExpress as I understand it, it would make sense for DevExpress to support it. SQL queriy support is of course essential as well.

                                • Paulo (DevExpress Support) 10.03.2012

                                  Thank you for your feedback.

                                • Paulo (DevExpress Support) 10.11.2012

                                  I have updated the answers section. It seems that support for UniDAC can be implemented at present.