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                                  • When populate the TreeList with several nodes, if I over using the wheel of mouse during the popolate, I have a exception inside TreeList and view the control white with a red cross.

                                    The first question is: is it possible by code disable the mouse function wheel over the TreeList control?

                                    The second question is: have any idea why I have the exception?

                                    Thanks for any information.


                                    For performace reasons, the code to popolate the TreeList control is inside a BackGroundWorker

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                                Thank you for your message.

                                1. You can disable scrolling of TreeList when the mouse wheel is moved if you handle the TreeList.MouseWheel event and set the DXMouseEventArgs.Handled property to True:

                                Private Sub treeList1_MouseWheel(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As MouseEventArgs) DevExpress.Utils.DXMouseEventArgs.GetMouseArgs(e).Handled = True End Sub

                                2. It seems that this issue is caused by the fact that you access nodes or related TreeList data in a background thread. Please take a look at the Big red X: A control becomes crossed with red lines after an exception KB article to know possible issue reasons.

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