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                                  • Hi,

                                    I have a question that look like the following one (unsolved) in your knowledge base:


                                    I am using the following products, all installed locally on my development computer (and I am an admin of this computer):
                                    - Visual Studio 2010 SP1
                                    - DevExpress 2011.2 Silverlight PivotGrid Control
                                    - The "msmdpump.dll" data pump to access the data of my cube
                                    - Microsoft Analysis Server 2008 R2 SP1 (10.50.2500.0)

                                    I searched for "msmdpump" in your knowledge base and read the 30 resulting articles but none of them has a solution that can solve my problem. This problem is:
                                    - if I connect to my http://localhost/OLAP/msmdpump.dll or http://MYCOMPUTERNAME/OLAP/msmdpump.dll data pump with Excel using Windows Authentification, everything works fine. This probably means that the procedure at was successfully done.
                                    - if I use my Silverlight project to connect to http://localhost/OLAP/msmdpump.dll I cannot. The exception is "Couldn't connect to the Analysis Services." and the InnerException is "Security error."
                                    - if I use the OLAPBrowser in the PivotGridDemo provided with DevExpress 2011.2:
                                    - I can connect to the default
                                    - if I try to connect to http://localhost/OLAP/msmdpump.dll using the "New Connection" button, I cannot. The exception is "Couldn't connect to the Analysis Services." and the InnerException is "Security error."
                                    - I tried to add "Everyone" in the membership of the only role present in my cube but this is not working even if this role has "Full control (Administrator)", "Process database" and "Read definition" permissions.
                                    - I tried to installed the "OleDb Provider for Analysis Services 10.0" ( as mentionned in some articles in your knowledge base without success.
                                    - I also tried to run my Silverlight project "out of the browser" to bypass the "ASP.NET Development Server" without any improvement.

                                    You may be able to reproduce my problem by running the OLAPBrowser in the PivotGridDemo (Silverlight) and then connect to another cube/pump than the default

                                    Is there something I do not understand about setting the security of a cube/msmdpump that is not mentionned in your knowledge base ?


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                                Hi Paul,

                                I am trying again to post my text but with the "Post Solution" button instead of the "Leave a comment" one. Here is below my original message.

                                My Silverlight test application is now working as its WPF counterpart.

                                The "crossdomain.xml" file available at is required and I first thought that the "clientaccesspolicy.xml" one was not needed but without that file I had access to the dimensions of the cube but the data was missing. The error was "Failed to retrieve calculated members. The cube either does not exist or has not been processed.". I found at that it was in fact a security error. I had to add the "clientaccesspolicy.xml" to make everything work correctly. That allowed me to remove "Everybody" from my cube role.

                                Thank you for your help.



                                Hello Michel,

                                I think the issue is caused by cross domain access restrictions in Silverlight (see URL Access Restrictions in Silverlight).
                                To fix the issue, you need to add a corresponding *.xml file to the root server directory (for example - "c:\inetpub\wwwroot\.."), as it is described here: Making a Service Available Across Domain Boundaries
                                or here Using web client in Silverlight.
                                Please try this solution and let me know whether it meets your requirements.
                                I have already asked our tech writers to improve the corresponding topics of our documentation.

                                BTW, if "Windows Authentication" is disabled on the IIS Authentication page for the Pump, you need to add User Id and Password to the XMLA DataSource connection string.

                                Paul P (DevExpress)

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