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                                  • Hello DevExpress,

                                    With DevExpress version 11.2 there are assemblies with digital signature. If we start a program, maybe a simple application with winforms controls and there is no connection to the internet, the application start time is really bad (60 to 120 seconds). This is because of signing authentification of DevExpress assemblies, that runs into a timeout.

                                    We know, that there exists a workaround,to use the tag generatePublisherEvidence enabled="false", but this is no good solution for us, because we didn't need it before version 11.2.

                                    Is there another solution or is it possible to get assemblies without digital signature?

                                    Thanks, Dominic

                                • Dimitros (DevExpress Support) 01.06.2012

                                  Hi Dominic,

                                  Thank you for contacting us. Would you please send us a small application that illustrates this delay?
                                  We will test the project and try to find the cause of the delay.


                                • Dominic Sander 01.06.2012

                                  Hello Dimitros,

                                  as i declared above just take a simple winform application with controls of XtraGrid or XtraEditors with no function inside. To test it, it’s necessary, that you use a pc with no DevExpress installation and no connection to the internet.

                                  The problem is the same as it has been described at this link.



                                • Hello Dominic,

                                  Thank you for the additional information. It appears that we need additional time to research this issue, and find the most appropriate way to resolve it. Please bar with us, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

                                  Would you please also clarify why you cannot disable the creation of the Publisher evidence in the configuration file, as you described in the first post? Have you experienced any difficulty with this, or is this only the matter of keeping the existing code unmodified? This information is important for us.


                                • Dominic Sander 01.09.2012

                                  Hello Uriah,

                                  the use of the tag generatePublisherEvidence seems to work. But i don’t want to use it. The reasons are:

                                  1. I didn’t need it before and yes: i want to keep the existing code unmodified
                                  2. I have a few applications without the need of configuration files.
                                  3. I am forced to put this tag for every application, because some customers (or the users of my customers) don’t have internet connection by default

                                  Thanks Dominic

                                • Dominic Sander 01.19.2012

                                  Hello DevExpress,

                                  is there something new?

                                  Thanks, Dominic

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                                Hello Dominic,

                                We apologize for the delayed response. We have thoroughly researched this issue and have decided not to change our decision to sign assemblies due to the following reasons:

                                - Many customers asked for signing our assemblies, so that they can write programs compatible with The Windows 7 Software Logo Program.

                                - There is a documented way to disable checking for CAS publisher policy for an application using the generatePublisherEvidence element in the configuration file.

                                - If it is necessary, it is possible to remove signatures using the ImageRemoveCertificate API function.


                                • Dominic Sander 03.13.2012

                                  Hello Uriah,

                                  i have to accept your solution.