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                                  • I've added a combobox to a header template in the MVC grid. Here's my code:

                                    settings.SettingsBehavior.AllowSort = true; settings.Columns.Add(column => { column.FieldName = "ShiptoName"; column.Name = "ShiptoName"; column.Width = 100; column.VisibleIndex = 1; column.HeaderStyle.VerticalAlign = VerticalAlign.Bottom; column.SetHeaderTemplateContent(c => { ViewContext.Writer.Write(@"<div id=""shiptoHeading"" style=""width:100%;text-align:center;"">Shipto (sort)</div>"); ViewContext.Writer.Write(@"<div onmousedown=""return CancelBubble(event);"" onmouseup=""return CancelBubble(event);"">"); Html.DevExpress().ComboBox(cmbSettings => { cmbSettings.Name = "cmbShipto"; cmbSettings.CallbackRouteValues = new { Controller = "Admin", Action = "GLCodeGridViewPartial", customerID = Model.CustomerID }; cmbSettings.Width = System.Web.UI.WebControls.Unit.Pixel(200); cmbSettings.Properties.EnableCallbackMode = true; cmbSettings.Properties.DropDownStyle = DropDownStyle.DropDown; cmbSettings.Properties.ValueField = "Shipto"; cmbSettings.Properties.ValueType = typeof(String); cmbSettings.Properties.TextField = "ShiptoName"; }).BindList(Model.ShiptosDTOs).GetHtml(); ViewContext.Writer.Write(@"</div>"); }); });

                                    Here's the javascript:

                                    function CancelBubble(evt) { evt.cancelBubble = true; return false; }
                                    CancelBubble is called to prevent the sort when clicking on the comboBox.

                                    When I click on the header text, Shipto, the first sort executes; when clicking again on the header text I get this error:

                                    SCRIPT1006: Expected ')'
                                    DXR.axd?r=1_42,1_41,14_13,14_1,1_74,1_67,1_72,1_58,1_59,14_8,1_64,1_73,1_75,14_10,1_78,14_11,1_79,14_12,1_52,1_65,3_8,3_7,14_5,2_22,2_29,2_15,14_0,2_25,1_46,1_54,2_16,2_18,2_21,2_19,14_3,2_24,14_7,2_26,2_27-3Qx73, line 3677 character 4

                                    When I remove the comboBox the error goes away.

                                    Any help or workaround would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


                                Hello Geri,

                                Thank you for sending your code snippet to us. I would like to note that most often the "@" symbol is used to introduce the server-side code blocks in the Razor engine. There is no need to use it in the "ViewContext.Writer.Write(@"</div>");" code. For more details, please see: Introducing “Razor” – a new view engine for ASP.NET

                                So, try to modify you code as illustrated in the E2994 online example (CallbackPanel (Razor View engine) - How to render a required content in the Response directly inside the SetContent method via the ViewContext.Writer).


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