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                                    I am using the LinqInstantFeedbackSource as the datasource for my Grid.

                                    This is the code that fills the Grid:
                                        Private BOMfg As New MfgBO

                                        Private Sub mLinqInstantFeedbackSourceMfgFilter_GetQueryable(????) Handles ????
                                                e.QueryableSource = BOMfg.MfgListQuery(mDisplayAllIfEmpty)
                                                e.Tag = BOMfg

                                            Catch ex As Exception
                                                XtraMessageBox.Show(ex.Message, "GetQueryable", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Error)
                                            End Try
                                        End Sub

                                        Private Sub mLinqInstantFeedbackSourceMfgFilter_DismissQueryable(????) Handles ???
                                                CType(e.Tag, MfgBO).Dispose()

                                            Catch ex As Exception
                                                XtraMessageBox.Show(ex.Message, "DismissQueryable", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Error)
                                            End Try
                                        End Sub

                                    This works great.

                                    I instantiate the Business Object outside of the GetQueryable Event because this is where I filter the data to be displayed.

                                    After setting new Filter Properties in my Business Objec I do the following in order to display a new filtered results in the Grid:
                                         gcFilter.DataSource = Nothing
                                         gcFilter.DataSource = mLinqInstantFeedbackSourceMfgFilter

                                    This does force the GetQueryable to Execute and retrieve my new filtered Queryable.
                                    The problem is that I get an error telling me the the Data Context has be disposed.

                                    So what I did is elemenate the DismissQueryable Event.
                                    This fixed my problem.

                                    I can now change the filter Paramaters in my business object as offten as I want and get the new resulte to display in the grid.

                                    My question is there a method or someway that I can force the GetQueryable Event to re-fire without haveing to set the DataSource = Nothing and back to the LinqInstantFeedbackSource again. This way I can keep the DismissQueryable Event in place.



                                Hi Andy,

                                Currently, the best possible solution to this task is to re-set the GridControl's DataSource. In the future, we will possible add the method which will allow you to do the same.


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