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                                  • Hi.
                                    I want to use the new DXSplashScreen in my app. Now, I see, that I can show and hide the SplashScreen with the class DXSplashScreen. I can also set progress. How am I able to set Status-Texts to the SplashScreen?
                                    Best Regards, Thomas

                                • Vito (DevExpress Support) 06.10.2011

                                  Hi Thomas,
                                  The ISplashScreen.Progress method is called each time a status is changed. So, we suggest that you put the necessary logic into this method.
                                  Attached is a small sample project, illustrating this approach in action. Hopefully, it will be of some help.

                                • ThomasKehl 07.17.2011

                                  It is working great.
                                  Best Regards, Thomas

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