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                                  • Hi,

                                    I have a 'Text Area' in my the Layout view...

                                    I need to replace that text area with Html Editor for some users...

                                    How do I accomplish that?


                                Hi Preetham,

                                I believe there should not be any difficulties in using the HtmlEditor extension in this scenario. To populate it with a text, use the HtmlEditorSettings.Html property:

                                <% Html.DevExpress().HtmlEditor( settings => { settings.Name = "myHtmlEditor"; settings.CallbackRouteValues = new { Controller = "Home", Action = "HtmlEditorPart" }; settings.Html = "Some content."; }) .Render(); %>

                                If your scenario is different, please explain it in greater detail and we will find an acceptable solution for you.




                                Here is my scenario :

                                I have a webpage where there is a text area.. something like this :

                                <textarea id="body_text"> Some text </textarea>

                                For most user's this will work fine. Some users have the ability to edit using a rich text box.

                                I want to be able to convert that <textarea /> tag to DevExpress MVC HTML control...

                                Most of the open source rich text editors like TinyMCE, YUI Editors give the ability to convert an ordinary <textarea /> into a rich text box.

                                Can we do the same using DevExpress HTML Editor MVC Extension?


                                Hi Preetham,

                                Thank you for your feedback. I would like to note that each DevExpress extention is a separate object. So it is impossible to convert a textarea element to HtmlEditor extention. As a solution, you can render the necessary extention conditionally. For example:

                                <% if .... {%> <textarea/> <% } else {%> <% Html.DevExress().HtmlEditor %> <% } %>


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