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                                  • Dear support,
                                    The ASPxGridLookup does not have a RaiseCallBack method. I want to know the command in the DropDown ClientSideEventof the ASPxGridLookup control to perform a CallBack event.
                                    I hoped that the following code was valid in the Client-Side Event Hanlers of the DropDown event of the ASPxGridLookup control:
                                    function(s, e) {
                                    Unfortunately this event generates an exception error that the PerformCallback is not supported for thos control? It seems I miss some detail here.. Hope you can help me. Thanks in advance

                                • Plato (DevExpress Support) 03.21.2011

                                  Hi Michael,
                                  Yes, the ASPxGridLookupEdit does not publish the PerformCallback method. The easiest solution is to use the ASPxGridLookupEdit inside the ASPxCallbackPanel and use its PerformCallback method / Callback event pair. Does this help?

                                • Michael Gruys 03.21.2011

                                  Hi Mr. Plato,
                                  Thanks for your suggestion. I'm using the solution like posted in Q275998. ( )
                                  But also, like Mr. Wormgoor in the Peer-to-Peer Discussion Forum below the post, I have difficulty refreshing data without reloading the Page. I hope this also will be solved soon.
                                  Again, thanks & regards,

                                • Mike (DevExpress Support) 03.22.2011

                                  Hello Michael,
                                  Please accept our apologies for this delay. I am afraid this issue is unclear to us.
                                  I have attached a sample project, illustrating how to perform a custom callback to the internal ASPxGridView object, whose client-side programmatic object can be obtained via the client-side ASPxClientGridLookup.GetGridView method. I have also attached a sample project, illustrating how to refer to the entire ASPxGridLookup control via the ASPxCallbackPanel control according to Plato's statements. Please refer to the attachment and let me know if it meets your requirements.
                                  P.S. I have also attached a screencast, illustrating how both these sample projects work.

                                • Michael Gruys 03.22.2011

                                  Thanks for your time and your example. Appreciate this much! The problem in my case is that I need to implement this kind of solution without any button. My customer wants on a leave focus (without any click on a button) the contents of another control to be changed. If I use a button it works smoothly. Maybe a button generates any kind of postback??? I have to figure this out. I close the solution anyway. Hope it comes clear soon to me. Regards,

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