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                                  • 1) Is there possibility to change column header width while printing?
                                        E.g. we have grid control with checkboxes in column. And column name is not fit column width (because it restricted to checkbox width). Thats not problem in UI, because we have ToolTips there. But that becomes problem while trying to print grid's content - column name is cut off.

                                    2) Is there possibility to change checkboxes printing output. E.g. replace it with 'Yes' and 'No' text?

                                    Thanks in advance,


                                For my first question I can see now only one solution:
                                 - manually save grid settings (e.g. columns width, row height)
                                 - adjust settings manually
                                 - do print
                                 - restore settings manually

                                But that requires lots of work for guessing required width (we have localization in our app, so column name could be quite different for different locales). Is there some way to enable auto width and height?


                                Hi Sergey,

                                Thank you for contacting us.

                                An answer to the first question can be found in the following article:
                                How to customize the resulting file during printing/exporting GridControl?

                                You just need to disable the OptionsPrint.AutoWidth option.

                                A solution for the second problem is described at:

                                How to use my own strings instead of images when exporting a column containing CheckEdits

                                I hope that you find this information helpful.



                                Hi, Dimitros

                                Thanks for your response!
                                Second problem solved and all works just fine, thanks again.

                                But I'm really stuck with grid resizing.
                                Disabling AutoWidth option cuts out all columns that not fit to page width.
                                What I'm trying to achieve - displaying column header on two or more lines, if it does not fit width of cell. BTW I have same problems with some rows - if cell has lot of text, it just cut out during printing...

                                Thanks in advance,


                                I solved problem with row height:
                                - dynamically adding Memo repository item to columns
                                - enabling OptionsView RowAutoHeight

                                So, only one problem left - wrapping column headers.


                                Hello Sergey,

                                Please refer to the Print Preview word wrap issue Support Center issue to learn how to accomplish this task.



                                Sorry for delay in response,

                                Anatol, thanks for helping me. But anyway - this didn't worked with different localizations of grid, because there was completely different content of column headers. So, we decided to leave printout customization up to user and added export to excel instead.
                                It's a pity that we cannot have auto world wrap in printing.

                                Thanks, Sergey

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