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                                  • Hi,

                                    i am deepak and currently i am using the all DevExpress trial version controles.

                                    i want to ask you that do you have any sql query builder control, that i can directly attach with my application and through which the user can generate the query and save that query in their profile and see the report.

                                    request you to help me in this issue.

                                    waiting for your reply.

                                • Hello Deepak,

                                  Thank you for your interest in our suites, I appreciate it greatly. As for your question, unfortunately, we don't provide such control. I'm afraid that you will have to create this control from scratch using simple controls provided by our suites or by other third-party vendor.


                                • Deepak Gedia 01.25.2010

                                  Hi Stan,

                                  Thanks a ton for immediate response, I just surfing across the dev express website and I just gone through the “eXpress Persistent Objects for .NET 2009.3.2” can you provide me some details on this.can this component helpful to me for the same purpose.

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                                Hi Deepak,

                                XPO isn't intended to be used for this purpose, and there is no built in method to build and retrieve SQL queries, though XPO internally works with SQL queries. It's probably possible to partially accomplish this task using the FilterControl, the method posted below and some additional coding. However, this approach won't meet all possible requirements, and I'm not sure that it's applicable in your situation. In any case, there is no other approach.

                                private static string GenerateSql(Type type, CriteriaOperator criteria, CriteriaOperatorCollection properties) { using (Session session = new Session()) { SelectStatement select = ClientSelectSqlGenerator.GenerateSelect(session.GetClassInfo(type), criteria, properties, null, null, null, new CollectionCriteriaPatcher(false, session.TypesManager), 0); Query query = new SelectSqlGenerator((ISqlGeneratorFormatter)((BaseDataLayer)session.DataLayer).ConnectionProvider).GenerateSql(select); return query.Sql; } }


                                • Deepak Gedia 01.26.2010

                                  Hi Uriah,

                                  Thanks a lot for for guiding me and for quick reply again,

                                  the above problem now has been resolved i got the third party component.

                                  Deepak Gedia

                                • Deepak Gedia 01.26.2010

                                  i got the solution and purchased 3rd party component

                                • You are welcome, Deepak!

                                  Please don't hesitate to contact us again, in case of any difficulty.


                                • Rohin Sharma 2 01.14.2014

                                  Hi Deepak ,

                                  I read your requirement, now the same way i need exactly i.e. i need a sql query builder that if we write a query then that query results bind it with Pivot grid.

                                  Also can you please let me know the "purchased 3rd party component" link as you mentioned above.

                                  Please reply me asap.

                                  Rohin Sharma

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