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                                  • I need the ability to do some string manipulation with calculated fields in the end user designer - so that my customers can do certain things when designing their own reports.

                                    1. I need to be able to concatenate strings, which I can't see to do in a calculated field.
                                    2. I need to be able to change a string to a double, so that I can take two string fields that contain a numeric value and be able to do a numeric caluclation (such as multiply) and get a double as a result.
                                • Alessandro (DevExpress Support) 04.01.2009

                                  Hello Charles,

                                  1. You can use the Concat function to merge string values. For example:
                                          Concat([dataField1], ' ', [dataField2])
                                  2. I'm afraid that there is no standard capability to convert a string type field to the double type in the calculated field. Please use double type fields to be able to perform mathematical operations in them. Anyway, you are welcome to post a suggestion regarding this capability to our Support Center if you really need this feature.
                                  Please review a sample project in the attachment and let me know how it goes.

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