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                                  • Hi,

                                    I have an AspxGridView, an AspxCalendar and another component from another company on a page.
                                    On each pageIndex change, I would like to intercept, on the client side, this specific event.
                                    I know there is actually no handler for that.

                                    I need to intercept this event using javascript because I want to synchronize the AspxCalendar and the other component's, depending on the first row of the new pageIndex chosen.

                                    I am not asking you to code this for me, but I'm asking you if there is a way to get the first row of the new page index in javascript ?

                                    Do you have any suggestions/workaround for that ? Are you planning to add this client side handler soon ?




                                To get the current PageIndex, handle the server BeforeGetCallbackResult event and save the PageIndex into the JSProperties. Then, on the client, in the EndCallback event handler you can use the value stored in the JSProperties. I've created a simple project that demonstrates this approach. Please see the attached file.



                                Thanks for the quick solution. Everything works fine!





                                Note : it is also possible to use a BeginCallback handler to know which callback event was called.

                                TheGrid.ClientSideEvents.BeginCallback = "function(s, e) { OnGridBeginCallback(s,e); }";

                                function OnGridBeginCallback(s,e)
                                        callBackEvent = e.command;

                                var callBackEvent = "";
                                    function OnGridEndCallback(grid, e)
                                            case "PAGERONCLICK":

                                The only drawback is that the callback events names could change in the futur.

                                All other callback events are here :
                                command Property


                                Hi Maxime,

                                I'm happy to hear that you have found another solution. Thank you for informing us of that.
                                Please do not hesitate to contact us if you find an issue in our product or run into a problem when using it.


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