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                                  • Created by Binu Koshy at 4/23/2008 5:35:35 PM

                                         I am using a treelistview which is binded to a generic list with buisness objects where multiselect is enabled. My requirement is after a refresh of datasource (usually done by reseting the datasource), I would like to maintain the same selected nodes before refresh.

                                    For this, before resetting the datasorce,I have stored 'Keyid' of selected business object which i have obtained from 'TreeListView.Selection' and once new datasource is set, nodes with corresponding keyids are obtained using FindNodeByKeyFieldValue and selected property node will be set to 'true'

                                    This hits the performance of reloading and as well as, its not working with all the nodes ( there are situation which arose where 'TreeListView.Selection.Count' will show a correct number of selected node but the nodes may not be selected)

                                    Please provide a solution


                                Hi Binu,

                                Unfortunately, it is unclear in which situations the restored selection is incorrect, and how this affects performance. Please provide us with a sample project, and the steps to reproduce this issue.


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