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                                  • It would be nice to have an optional checkbox in front of the caption of a layoutcontrol item and possibly for groups as well. See attached screenshot (Averages and SkipLevel). Currently this can only be implemented by grouping a checkbox and the corresponding control, but this makes proper alignment very tedious and in some cases impossible.
                                    Additionally it would be nice if the corresponding control or group automatically gets enabled depending on the state of the checkbox.

                                • Andreas Puhlmann 07.03.2006

                                  If this is implemented, consider adding support for RadioButtons too!

                                • Vlad Filyakov (DevExpress) 07.03.2006

                                  It is not implemented. For RadioButton in the item/group caption please create separate suggestion.

                                • Roman Krulikovskiy 04.14.2013

                                  It is a very useful feature. And it isn't implemented during almost seven (!) years.

                                • Paulo (DevExpress Support) 04.15.2013

                                  Yes, you are right. I am afraid that this feature is not implemented yet. We do not drop the idea of implementing it with future versions of our controls.

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