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                                  • Hello there. I am currently evaluating your component, and I am having some problems with the data binding. i have been reading up on this subject for some hours now, but I still remain confused. I was hoping you could offer me some assistance so that I can progress.

                                    To summarise: I have bound your grid to a binding source which is in fact an ArrayList of custom business objects.

                                    Q1. When I edit a row, what event do I trap so that I may call the method of said object in order to update database? Is it better to do this when leaving the row, each cell, ...etc?

                                    Q2. I have created an insert row. But when I enter data into a field in the insert row, then I move focus away, the data in the insert row disappears and the row goes blank again. What am I doing wrong here?

                                    Q3. how do i enabled deleting?

                                    Q4. i have read that because my ArrayList is being used as a BindingSource, then I get all the advantages of the IBindingList interface. Is an ArrayList ok here? Or should I consider using a BindingList<T>?

                                    Very sorry if any of these questions are not directly related to your grid. however they have all arisen as i am trying to evaluate this product for a demo. many thanks.


                                Hi Martin,

                                This problem occurs because your collection doesn't implement the IBindingList interface.
                                Please review the " XtraGrid Adding and Deleting Records" article and the GridTutorials IBindingList demo.
                                You should implement this interface in your collection in order to automatically add a new element.


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