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                                  • Hi,
                                    I need to know is there any way to filter the values in the datatable that doesnot have values equal to that of a given value.
                                    For Example,
                                    let us consider that i should get rows that donot have firstname us 'John'. How could we acheive this using rowfilter.

                                    I tried
                                    gridView1.RowFilter("FIRST_NAME NOT LIKE 'John');
                                    gridView1.RowFilter("FIRST_NAME <> 'John');
                                    but nothing worked.
                                    Kindly help me in solving this issue.

                                    Gunasekaran Eswaran


                                Hello Gunasekaran,

                                Assuming that FIRST_NAME is the name of the underlying grid column field, the code that implements the desired filter is:
                                gridView1.ActiveFilter.Add(gridView1.Columns["FIRST_NAME"], new ColumnFilterInfo("[FIRST_NAME]<>'John'",""));

                                Thank you,

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