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                                  • A simple mask editor is needed to filter input as a user types.

                                • Andrew (DevExpress) 12.12.2008

                                  FYI: We've started to work on the Mask Editor and hopefully it will be done in v2009.1.

                                  Thank you,

                                • DevExpress Support Team 12.12.2008


                                  This is great news. I'm sure you have done your homework on this. But if you'd like some feedback:

                                  I currently use some mask editors from Infragistics that they call Web Editors that I will no longer need to use as I'd much rather use a DevExpress component/editor. Currently I take advantage of their following editors from Infragistics:

                                  WebMaskEdit which has a DataMode property with the following settings which is helpful:
                                       - AllText

                                  WebCurrencyEdit which has a DataMode with the following settings which is helpful:
                                       - Byte
                                       - Decimal
                                       - Double
                                       - Float
                                       - Int
                                       - Long
                                       - Sbyte
                                       - Short
                                       - Text
                                       - Uint
                                       - Ulong
                                       - Ushort

                                  Looking forward to the release of your Mask Editor.


                                  David Humphrey

                                • Victor A (DevExpress) 12.12.2008

                                  Hi David,

                                  Thanks for feedback, we'll surely heed your experience
                                  in our mask editor development.


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                                In version v2009 vol.1, we've implemented mask functionality within some editors of the ASpxEditors library.

                                Now masked input is supported by the following editor types:

                                - Text box editors (in particular, the ASPxTextBox and ASPxButtonEdit).
                                  A text box mask settings can be accessed via the MaskSettings property. The editors mask can be specified via the MaskSettings.Mask property.

                                - Date editors (ASPxDateEdit).
                                  To enable masked input within a date editor, the UseMaskBehavior property should be set to true. The mask can be defined via the EditFormatString property, if the EditFormat property is set to Custom.


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