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                                  • I love DevExpress and the awesome suite of top quality controls that you guys provide. In the interests of helping you guys expand on the suite and grow the suite I have 2 suggestions for new ranges of controls that you might consider in up-and coming releases of the DXperience suite.
                                    Proposed Solution:
                                    <u>Diagramming Controls</u>
                                    Controls for representing certain types of information (graphs, networks, processes, workflows etc) in a related, graphical fashion (eg: table, tree, force-diretcted layouts). I've seen a lot of packages lately that are using these diagrams to represent complex, inter-related data and even allowing navigation through that data for editing purposes). Have a look at the following sites for some ideas:
                                    Hope this inspires you guys. instrumentation and diagramming controls leveraging the style/usability/panache of DevExpress would really be a huge plus in putting the DevExpress Suite even further ahead of its competition :)
                                    Kind Regards,
                                    Ryan Britton

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                                • Larry McDonald 4 03.28.2014

                                  Why don't you all give up on asking for this option. With all of the years that have passed, isn't it quite evident that it’s not going to happen. This would be a large development cycle and the ROI is most likely not there or they would have done it a long time ago. I already purchased the option from somebody else.

                                • T Gefen 03.28.2014

                                  tell me who...

                                • Dimitris T 03.28.2014

                                  What is the ROI for creating a Tetris game then in the XtraGrid? Or is the ROI for the Spreadsheet greater than the Diagramming component?

                                • Anastasius 03.28.2014

                                  Because we need it and we want to buy it form somebody else.

                                • mrjoltcola 08.22.2014

                                  In fairness, a good programmer can recreate Tetris in a day or two. A bit different than creating a whole new framework for commercial support.

                                • Dimitris T 08.26.2014

                                  Is the Spreadsheet component then more important than the Diagramming one? It is anyway very slow compared to using VSTO and Excel so why focus on that?

                                • INTELECTSOFT 04.22.2015

                                  +1Diagramming Controls

                                5 Solutions

                                Creation Date Importance Sort by

                                We've released a CTP version of DiagramControl for WPF and WinForms in version 15.2. See the following pages to learn more:

                                What's New for WPF
                                What's New for WinForms

                                DiagramControl for WPF and WinForms is expected to be out of Beta in the upcoming version 16.1.

                                If it will be added ,  also make it so that drag&drop  clientside events for ASPx will be present.

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                                • Gary C 11.14.2014

                                  I have also requested this in another post.  Just want to get my name on the list.
                                  Also, for DevExpress:  Do you have an answer to Garry's "Do you have a 'User Voice' forum" question?  Based on this being an 8 year old post with quite a few customers requesting the same item, it appears that this forum is ineffective.

                                • Chris Royle (LOB) 05.22.2015

                                  +1 to the "User Voice" comments.

                                • Hua Lin 3 05.24.2015

                                  In my memory, for many years ago, devexperss  ever implement them on VCL suite...
                                  why now...
                                  I am now using mindFusion,  I really hope can use DevExpress suite on diagramming controls.

                                • Mark Couvaras 10.28.2015

                                  @David and @Mario
                                  How embarrassing for me, I really thought they would do it seeing the interest on this page but alas I was so wrong. Funny thing is that the below have it:
                                  Telerik (RadDiagram)
                                  DevComponents (TreeGX control)  have it.....I repeat DevComponents have it.
                                  To be honest with you DevExpress are the leaders in Winforms controls, not WPF as much but they smash everyone out of the water with Winforms. However this particular issue forced our company to also purchase a Telerik suite as it was very pivotal to our Business Logic. I am very fortunate to have both suites unlike many others here. (RadDiagram works well by the way :)
                                  DevExpress, could you please just explain what the problem is to the users on this page..clearly please. You are dealing with professionals here and I am sure they will all understand once you explain the difficulties you are facing. By doing this you will finally allow the developers here to move on with their lives.

                                • Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress) 10.28.2015

                                  There is no problem Mark. We know that certain tools (in this case a diagram control) are crucial to one's business and when a company like ours does not offer it, people get frustrated and want our heads.
                                  We'll have a preview of our diagram control in our upcoming major release and as we preview it, we'll engage all of our customers interested in this type of tool in a private forum so we can together make the best diagram tool possible.
                                  Unfortunately, we can't roll back time - all we can do is go forward. Hopefully you'll be satisfied with the initial release and will participate in our private forum so we can improve the product post our v15.2 release.
                                  I'm going to ask our support team to close this thread and we'll direct all of you to the new private group as we get closer to the first beta of v15.2

                                • mrjoltcola 10.28.2015

                                  Wow thats great news, Ray. I think most people had almost given up, but better late than never! I have a data modelling project that I can finish now without SyncFusion :)

                                • Joaquin Ramirez 1 10.28.2015

                                  Definitively, good news Ray. Let´s move forward!

                                • Mark Couvaras 10.28.2015

                                  Thank you Ray what a relief. This has been a long time coming and you guys I am sure will and have made a lot of people happy.

                                • Pravin Taneja 10.28.2015

                                  Thanks a lot Ray.
                                  We want your heads, not to chop it off but to kiss your foreheads for giving us such amazing products.

                                • Andrey Makhorin 10.28.2015

                                  Thank you very much. It's very usefull for me and my customers. Hope, next year I can replace third party diagram controls with DevEx! Great

                                • Mario Blatarić 10.29.2015
                                • Anastasius 10.29.2015

                                  Thats great News. I hope it will be the best diagram control ever ;)

                                • ARUNPRASAD 10.29.2015

                                  Vow thats great news.  I have no reason now to move on to other platforms.

                                • YANG CHENG HSIEN 10.29.2015

                                  This is really good news , just when we need this product . I believe the team is also very committed to the development of this product .

                                • MARCELO BALTHAZAR MASSAFELI 10.29.2015

                                  Great News!

                                • Niels Elzen 10.29.2015

                                  That is very nice,
                                  After al the years, Good job DevExpress!!

                                • slight slight 11.02.2015

                                  Great news! We are evaluating Diagram products in these two weeks! Could you please give me a place to tell my function requirement? We are developing a product that using diagram as data analysis process viewer.

                                • Ivan (DevExpress Support) 11.02.2015

                                  Hi Slight,
                                  Sure. We would appreciate you sharing your current requirements. To ensure your privacy, I have created a new private ticket on your behalf - T306963. Feel free to post your thoughts there.

                                • slight slight 11.02.2015

                                  Thank you, Ivan.

                                • Guilherme Moura 11.03.2015

                                  This is great news! Thank you!

                                • mrjoltcola 11.03.2015

                                  I would like to know how to get involved with alpha or beta for diagramming for winforms. My needs are centered around database modelling and ER diagrams, I want to understand if what I need will be supported. Will we have different layout algorithms? Grid snap? Connectors? Zoom and pan? Entity shape with text formatting capability. Etc.

                                • Alex Chuev (DevExpress) 11.04.2015

                                  We will definitely let you guys know if there is a beta program available. Please watch for our updates.

                                  In the meantime, if you want to share your specific requirements with us, feel free to post them in a separate ticket or email us at


                                • Alex Chuev (DevExpress) 11.11.2015

                                  A quick update - we've started blogging about the upcoming Diagram Control for the WPF and WinForms platforms. Check out the following link to learn more: Diagram Blogs.


                                • Anders Wang 12.01.2015

                                  i have checked the video:"v15.2: What's New for Windows Developers". But not found the OrgChart like VCL OrgChart which is very easily to populate the OrgChart with Database data dynamically. What i see in the video, just drawing diagram like visio.

                                • Alex (DevExpress Support) 12.01.2015

                                  Hi Anders,

                                  To process your recent post more efficiently, I created a separate ticket on your behalf: T319367: OrgChart functionality. This ticket is currently in our processing queue. Our team will address it as soon as we have any updates.

                                • Ian Pook 05.25.2016

                                  Disappointed to learn after all these years that the much desired diagram control is not even being considered for ASP .Net (see comments here

                                  I would have thought that, given the web controls available from competitors, ASP .Net should definitely have been in the control development plan.

                                  Would also have been nice if DX could have made this clear when the Winforms control was released, so those of us who have been waiting patiently for God knows how many years would not get our hopes up!!

                                • Alex Chuev (DevExpress) 05.26.2016

                                  Hi Ian,

                                  Thank you for your note. I've posted an answer in this thread to better indicate that DiagramControl is already available for the WinForms and WPF platforms.


                                • Steve Mol 05.26.2016

                                  ...and how does your post address Ian's point - and the point of this thread - that there is no diagram control for ASP.Net, Alex?

                                • Alex Chuev (DevExpress) 05.27.2016

                                  Hi Steve,

                                  There's not much that I can add to Ray's answer in the blog post - DiagramControl for ASP.NET will not be released in 16.1. I definitely understand your desire for this control and will make sure that Ian's point is heard by our management.


                                • Digdagdigedag 12.12.2016

                                  Nice to see the diagramchart control now for WinForms and WPF.
                                  Do you have any updates on your plans regarding the same for ASP.NET ????

                                I would also love a diagram control! I assure you it is definitely something we will implement soon. Unfortunately I cannot give a precise timeline. Here is what will help: email me with how you envision using such a control so I can get a list of requirements Not only do we want to make a diagram control, we want to make the *right* diagram control.

                                Seth Juarez
                                Analytics Program Manager

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                                • Steve Mol 04.06.2014

                                  I sent the email as you requested, but I thought it would be nice to have a conversation here too. I was originally looking to make a graphic representation of departmental structure.

                                • Seth Juarez (DevExpress) 04.07.2014

                                  Thanks! I got it.

                                • Peter C. Klein 04.07.2014

                                  Hi Seth,
                                  A short one: let yourself inspire by the Microsoft Office "Hierarchy"-smart-art add-in. I attach a picture of the start-dialog and trust that you will be able to deduct the functional design of such a tool.

                                • Steve Mol 04.07.2014

                                  Optimally, the data can be re-ordered via drag-and-drop...

                                • Garry Lowther 04.07.2014

                                  Please find attached a very short video showing how we implemented an Organogram in our WinForms TriSys app which uses the DevExpress Suite. Note that we had to use another 3rd party control to implement this, but would really like to use a DevExpress control instead.

                                • ENGELEN Hans 04.16.2014

                                  From our end what we would need is a control with following features:
                                  - Open and save Visio files
                                  - Display the Visio file in the control as you would see it in Visio itself
                                  - Modify shape data (mostly custom shape data fields)
                                  - Add/remove shape data graphics to shapes (like you can do in Visio)
                                  All of this we currently do with the Visio ActiveX control, but the logistical problems with this are substantial. First and foremost that you need to install Visio on the target machine also. Secondly the fact that the ActiveX control is ... well ... a horror to work with. A managed DLL of some kind would alleviate these problems and save us loads of time.
                                  Why compatibility with Visio is paramount? What we do right now (for example) is take Visio drawings (typically flow diagrams describing a business process) created by our in house developers as part of their documentation efforts and re-using them as visual dashboards on which we 'overlay' the results from our in house monitoring tool. This allows us to create highly intuitive dashboards for our support staff that have a near real-time overview of the the various business processes running in our organization and their health.
                                  Being able to 're-use' existing Visio files as already created by the developers saves us a lot of effort that would otherwise be needed to keep the Dashboards in sync with our ever changing application landscape (and it changes a lot).

                                • Ian Pook 04.17.2014

                                  Hi Seth.
                                  We also would suggest a diagramming tool compatible with Visio. Why? With the introduction of ASPxSpreadsheet, the acceptance of our suggestion for ASPxWordProcessor (See ticket Q552150), we envision DX developers being able to offer Office365 functionality directly from their business applications. With tight integration between the controls, this would be a game changer for many of your developers (us included).
                                  To get all starry-eyed and wishful, we could foresee DXOffice (!?) extending to include other MS compatible programs like OneNote and Project.
                                  A business application based on DX controls with built in WP, spreadsheet, diagramming, project management etc etc etc..............we think 'stunning' would not do it justice!

                                • mali 05.29.2014

                                  I vote for this control .....  once more.

                                • Ian Pook 08.30.2014

                                  Others are stealing a march on you guys here.
                                  Check this:
                                  Full JS Diagramming control for WebForms. Please, please don't make us have to buy this (and their Gantt control which looks equally awesome).

                                • Larry McDonald 4 08.30.2014

                                  I use syncfusion with DevExpress and it is a excellent diagramming tool, but they are paranoid when it comes to their EULA. You better have a lawyer read it first to make sure anything you do doesn't violate their EULA. And be prepared when they call you out of the blue to prove to them that you aren't violating their EULA. Also months before your license is due for renewal, they are calling you and telling you have to renew right now even though renewal is 4 months away.
                                  As an example of their EULA paranoia, they saw the YouTube video on my IaaS Cloud system and called requesting proof of not violating their EULA.

                                • Juan Betancourt 09.11.2014

                                  8 years and counting... Is DevExpress deaf to requests so important from us, the customers?
                                  Can't see DevExpress the strategic importance of such control, and how the creation
                                  of it improves very much the already great winforms suite? It is 'urgent' for many of us
                                  the use of this control (with data-binding capability) !

                                • Anders Wang 10.05.2014

                                  8 years past. We all appreciate that you can give out the plan.

                                • Anders Wang 10.12.2014

                                  what does that mean for "soon"? Does it means we could get it in 14.2? or 15.1,15.2?

                                • Peter C. Klein 10.12.2014

                                  A least for the Win8.1 XAML tools this is a clear answer: d not expect anything in the near future. Now THAT is clarity we can base out decisions on! Thanks for such answers. Hopefully for other development environments answers like this will follow.

                                • Anastasius 10.12.2014

                                  We Need something like this:
                                  But from DevExpress. Thanks!

                                • Henning Scharsach 10.13.2014

                                  Telerik looks good, but we would need it for WinForms! :-)

                                • Fajar Taufik 10.13.2014
                                • Anastasius 10.13.2014

                                  Not from DevExpress. Theme/Skin/Style is different and this is a criterion for exclusion (for us)

                                • Fajar Taufik 10.13.2014

                                  The choice is yours, I don't want to wait 8 years to go DevExpress implement this component. ;-)

                                • Achmad Mulyadi 11.13.2014

                                  +1 from me, need this data aware editor so bad, been looking for others but no devexpress no party....

                                • Anders Wang 01.27.2015

                                  Any news? Is it possible it will be implemented in 2015?

                                • Shamala Mhetre 01.28.2015

                                  DevExpress did not privode this functionality so I implemented charts using JSPlumb library.

                                • Anders Wang 03.24.2015

                                  Is it possible in 2015?

                                • Anders Wang 04.19.2015

                                  Hi all:
                                  i found the syncfusion ones is suitable for production use AND they have free version (community version) for use.

                                • Philippe Petrussa 04.28.2015

                                  Hi. You stated a year ago:  "I assure you it is definitely something we will implement soon". Taking into account the original date of this thread, can you translate "soon" into a numerical time period, preferably realistic and honest? I checked the SyncFusion one and it is fair enough to start with. Since DX doesn't provide such component, I will investigate further in the community edition of SyncFusion. I love DX products but some components should either be proposed or improved (diagram or tasks and Gant View).

                                • Anderson Luiz Mendes Matos 04.28.2015

                                  Yeah. I have to admit that Philippe has a point here.
                                  8 years after the original request, I really doubt that this feature will ever be implemented.

                                • Anders Wang 06.02.2015

                                  Hi all,
                                  Seth Juarez's post has changed from "1 years ago"  to "2 years ago".  After checked what's new in 15.1 in the webinars, still nothing. "I assure you it is definitely something we will implement soon."  is a joke, I think it cannot be out in 2015. There no any news about it.

                                • Mark Couvaras 06.02.2015

                                  I have been keeping a close eye on the new features of 15.1 and it doesn't look like they are doing it. I find it unbelievable that this thread has been ignored completely. For me this is possibly one of the biggest threads on this site and nobody at Devexpress other than Seth 2 years ago has made an attempt to comment on this?
                                  I had faith but have lost it now, we are left with no choice but to go with someone else for this particular control. 15.1 doesn't seem to have any new controls so far......all just looks like enhancements on 14.1 to me.....again disappointing?

                                • Anders Wang 06.03.2015

                                  Yes, it seems that they're only care of about "fashion" things when iterate their product.

                                • John (DevExpress Support) 06.03.2015

                                  Hi all,

                                  Thank you for your feedback. I have passed your recent comments to our developers and management. Although this component will not be included in the upcoming major update (v15.1), we understand the high demand for this feature. We discuss it each time when planning features for future versions, and we will take your opinion into account.
                                  At present we have not made a final decision regarding this component. Thus, I cannot give you any promises regarding a possible release date right now.

                                • Gary C 06.03.2015

                                  Thanks for the response, John.  I suspect I speak for all when I say this is a frustrating answer after 8 years and many posts from many people.  There were several posts on this page asking about the concept of "user voice", but those questions seemed to be ignored.  Can you provide an answer to this?
                                  This is particularly important to me as I also interested in a Vertical Grid for, something that seems like it should be a relatively basic control.  I see 9 year old posts requesting this control that seem to be unanswered. (my apologies to everybody on this about mixing the requests, but it took us 2 years to get a response here...)

                                • Gary C 06.03.2015

                                  And one more question for Devexpress:  If you can not support these types of controls, do you at least have a recommendation on tools that would "play nicely" with the DevExpress suite?

                                • John (DevExpress Support) 06.03.2015

                                  Although we do not have a separate web site section (e.g. a forum) to collect all feature requests, our Support Center is a central entry point to monitor all customer feedback. I ensure you that we constantly check all new comments and take your opinion into account.

                                  >> do you at least have a recommendation on tools that would "play nicely" with the DevExpress suite
                                  I cannot suggest any third-party controls.

                                • David Lemieux 06.03.2015

                                  Judging from the overall mood in this thread and the recent comments made from customers who obviously are frustrated by the wait, the rare and misleading feedback your team provided as well as their extended silence, I feel I can speak for a lot of people here when I say that your recent interventions are simply not satisfying enough.
                                  While I have no doubts on your best intentions here and appreciate somebody from the team (FINALLY!) chiming in, the fact remains that this is the first time in a whoppin' two years or so that anyone from DX cared to do so, and still we get nothing more than the very same kind of speech: "we still talk about it", "your feedback is important", "we care about our customers"...
                                  Now you may not have a control to show us today, or even a plan to make one. Fine, can I accept that. I also understand this was the case for each previous contributors to this thread. Okay, no problem.
                                  What each and every of you *could* have done (but didn't) in these past EIGHT YEARS, however, is providing awaiting customers with much, MUCH better feedback. Especially considering that this diagram control is very likely the all-time, top-requested and most-awaited DX product ever.
                                  Just take a look at this thread. Customers upvoted it to a majestic +78. They provided examples, ideas, feature requests. One of them proposed a template to be used in the XtraTreeView mechanisms. Some asked how come this was once considered a "top priority" and then "nowhere near to be implemented". In the last years, users started to express their displeasure on how their voice seemingly kept falling into deft ears.
                                  And how has support answered back to all of this?
                                  ... heh. Pretty much the same thing. Over and over again.
                                  Why can't you tell us what the team thinks of the SPECIFIC ideas / opinions expressed here? What challenges are you facing with making a diagram control? What resources are you missing? What can you propose as a workaround? Why has the planning for this control seemingly has gone back and forth throughout the years? Whatever happened to Seth's idea of reuniting the best possible features towards the creation of "the RIGHT diagram control"?
                                  You want to show that you care? Then please come up with something that at least shows things going forward. Stop keeping us in the dark.

                                • Alex Nek 06.03.2015

                                  Hi John,
                                  I have one idea for DevEx as you "want to make the *right* diagram control."
                                  Buy the yworks company, make affordable price for library and forget about "diagramming problem" for the next 8 years.
                                  See -
                                  Best wishes Alex

                                • Juan Betancourt 06.03.2015

                                  +1 to comment of David Lemieux; it's "depressing" and syntomatic to  read
                                  the last sentence in the response of John (of DX suppor)t:
                                  At present we have not made a final decision regarding this component. Thus, I cannot give you any promises regarding a possible release date right now.
                                  This after 8 years!

                                • Juan Betancourt 06.03.2015

                                  Respect to the comment by Alex Nek (re: "DeVEx  want to make the *right* diagram control."):
                                  port your own VCL Flow Chart and VCL Org Chart to .NET, ASAP

                                • Farooq 09.16.2015

                                  +1 voteup for this org control that is missing in the DX suite.

                                • Mario Blatarić 10.28.2015

                                  Great comment David Lemieux!
                                  Come on guys, at least tell us what the problem seems to be for a top request to be so fascinatingly ignored.

                                • David Lemieux 10.28.2015

                                  @Mario thanks, I appreciate it.
                                  Unfortunately it wasn't good enough, appearantly. Still no update from DX. Oh well.

                                • Pierre Frenzel 11.02.2015

                                  Will you support sankey-diagrams?

                                I remember asking about this (in another post) years ago and DevEx wasn't going to do it then. obviously this is a component that most of us want. I have only tried in the past, and their list of customers is by no means a small one:
                                So, i am really surprised that the ROI on this type of component is not worth the effort..

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                                • Zinc Zinc 03.30.2014

                                  I remember having asked about this here ( It is indeed unfortunate the Devexpress team is unable to provide this control. To some of those who want to use something else in the meantime, try Telerik's RadOrgChart :

                                • mali 04.12.2014

                                  I also need this control

                                • Fajar Taufik 05.16.2014

                                  This is important control I think, I'm waiting for this control.

                                • mrjoltcola 05.16.2014

                                  I also vote for this. I need this for schema diagrams. I purchased SyncFusion 2 yrs ago, but prefer not to mix SyncFusion with DevExpress and have let SyncFusion maintenance lapse. If they can do it, you guys can certainly do it!

                                • prh 05.16.2014

                                  I vote for this too - oncemore.
                                  As "mrjoltcola" I'm a user of SyncFusion and I want change to DevExpress to 100%

                                • Mark Couvaras 05.28.2014

                                  +1 would be awesome even DevComponents have this tool

                                • Mark Couvaras 08.22.2014

                                  Looking at the endless of comments on this page definitely means that we ALL want it:) No doubt DevExpress will deliver on this as usual

                                • David Lemieux 08.22.2014

                                  @Mark I wish I could believe that. This request has been around for over 8 years and all this time DX never committed to even plan it seriously. Almost three years ago they said it was a "top priority". Two years later it became "not happening any time soon".
                                  I think it's pointless to wait for this control to happen. Clearly, it just won't. :(

                                • Mark Couvaras 08.22.2014

                                  Hey David and all,
                                  I can understand your frustration. But for me Devexpress is still the best I am sure there are things we aren't aware of behind the scenes that are protecting the inevitable. To be honest our constant banter on this ticket/topic is one of the best ways we can get this feature.
                                  These guys have made my life so much easier and continue to do so with every release so let's stay positive because they will deliver that I am sure of:)

                                • David Lemieux 08.22.2014

                                  @Mark unfortunately MY customers aren't the kind that can just wait eight years for something to (maybe) happen so I had to make a move already.

                                • Mark Couvaras 08.22.2014

                                  Fair enough David, I guess for me the situation is different as all my work is for my companies BI, ERP and CRM applications and therefore don't have the same pressures you and others using DevExpress have.
                                  Out of curiosity did you end up using Teleriks tools in order to fill the void. Cause there a org chart looks good

                                • Peter C. Klein 08.30.2014

                                  Dear DevExpress,
                                  Wouldn't it be nice if you just made clear what the concrete plans are for this subject. After eight (!) years you must be able to have a fair understanding of what customers are looking for. Mostly : clear answers and honest management of their expectations.
                                  Customers hesitate: perhaps DX will come with something good - as they have been promising for long. That would save the investment in knowledge to learn other products.
                                  If our company were forced to make choice for another toolkit, we would switch for all the tooling for future development. We don't like the hassle of distributing (and maintaining versions!!) of more and more libraries.
                                  So: is it too much to ask of you to be clear and honest? That would match with how we have learned to appreciate your service!!

                                • Andrea Cavalleri 08.30.2014

                                  I agree with Peter. For us is crucial to display an organizational chart. Up to know we are considering to move our application in a alternative framework of DevExpress since it is not possible to display the org-chart.
                                  We hope that soon we can understand if there will be a DevExpress solution

                                • Lluis Franco 09.10.2014

                                  Hi there,
                                  I agree with Peter too.
                                  It's important for us to know if there will be a DevExpress solution soon.
                                  Just say yes or not, please.

                                • Marcelo Schostik 09.11.2014

                                  I agree with Peter too.
                                  It's very important for us.

                                • Lluis Franco 09.11.2014

                                  Hi again,
                                  I've posted that question in another post, and the answer has been: "We do not have immediate plans to introduce this functionality in the near future, but we will keep it on our radar and probably reconsider our decision if we get more requests regarding this functionality."
                                  So keep pushing guys! :D

                                • Evgeniy Meyke 09.11.2014

                                  Well, so far I have been passively observing (for 8 years) and a few days ago I received a request from the client for it. So here I am, making my mark here.

                                • Garry Lowther 09.11.2014

                                  Do you have a 'User Voice' forum where your customers can request this feature?
                                  I have received dozens of e-mails indicating that DX customers would like to vote on this feature.
                                  Kind Regards, Garry @ TriSys

                                • Lluis Franco 09.11.2014

                                  Firstly: I've to say that for me Devexpress Universal is the best components suite in the market. I know that because as a Microsoft MVP I've access to NFR licenses of the most popular companies, and I spent almost two years testing the different subscriptions, and the winner was Devexpress, with no doubts.
                                  Until this month I've never needed to use a diagram in my projects but now I need to use it and for my surprise Devexpress don't have any diagram control (or similar).
                                  I'd be nice if -as Garry said- devexpress provides some "User Voice" forum for customers requests.

                                • jerome crevecoeur 09.11.2014

                                  org chart  would be a good control for our business.
                                  Xpreadsheet and PDFReader are  a little bit useless

                                • Michael Folinsbee 10.03.2014

                                  We are starting work on a new ERP application and are looking for a way to graphically represent product relationship chains.  A given product can have a multiple parent products and multiple derived subproducts. Two back-to-back graphical ‘org chart’ type representations would be a more effective visualization tool than side-by-side treelist controls.

                                • Marcel van der Gragt 11.12.2014

                                  I would like a devextrreme/html version too. Like the telerik kendo ui version.
                                  Would pay for it too....

                                • Alan Roberto Pérez Hdez 08.26.2019

                                  Some update about organization chart?

                                • Stanley (DevExpress Support) 08.27.2019


                                  I see that you are interested in our Diagram control for ASP.NET. This week, we shipped the v19.2 Diagram Early Access Preview. Please refer to the ASP.NET - Early Access Preview (v19.2) blog post to see included features.
                                  I would appreciate if you share your feedback with me.


                                Hello Ryan,
                                Thank you for this suggestion. We've accepted it and added to our wish list. When we find available resources and start implementing it, its state will be changed to Planned.
                                Thank you again for helping us make our products better!
                                Best regards, Alan.
                                R&D, .NET Team.

                                Show all comments
                                • Peter C. Klein 02.04.2013

                                  Hi DevExpress,
                                  It has been quite some time now since you've first responded to these questions/suggestions for an organization chart.
                                  In fact it looks to me like just a treeview/treelist, twisted 90 degrees. So it might be just a matter of a new template?
                                  Anyway, what are the proceedings on this subject. I've seen marvelous examples on websites of your "competleagues"...
                                  Best regards,

                                • Valdemar (DevExpress Support) 02.04.2013

                                  Hello Peter,
                                  We see that this feature is highly demanded and it is currently in our top priority list for future improvements. I cannot give you any estimate regarding a possible implementation date because our roadmap for future versions is not yet finalized. I am afraid there is no guarantee that even features already planned will be included in the production version because our priority list may change. Let me know if you need any clarification.

                                • Peter C. Klein 02.04.2013

                                  Hi Valdemar,
                                  Thanks for your reply, it's clear enough. Pity that I cannot count on something on a short (reasonable) term. I guess I will stick with the TreeList fo the time being.
                                  Lots of success with future developments. I like what you're doing!

                                • ahmed ali 19 02.21.2013

                                  Hope to see Organo Chart tool ASAP

                                • Eduardo Quintana 02.21.2013

                                  Hi Valdemar,
                                  I also am an old proponent of an organization chart tool for WinForms in the DevExpress Suite. I even suggest it personally to Mr. Julian Bucknall, when we met during a Microsoft PDC Conference some years ago. It would really be very useful in my products and it would allow me to broaden somewhat my customers base.
                                  Eduardo Quintana

                                • Guilherme Moura 02.21.2013

                                  Hello Valdemar!
                                  I also want to make my request. I'll be very happy with the announcement of this tool.
                                  Thank you!
                                  Guilherme Moura

                                • Peter C. Klein 02.21.2013

                                  Hello everyone,
                                  ...and please bring the tool not only to the WinForms desktop, but to ASP and MVC as well. The world is moving towards the cloud....

                                • Алексей 06.04.2013

                                  I'll also be very happy with the announcement of this tool.

                                • Anastasius 06.10.2013

                                  We also need a tool ike this, please start implementing! (Is a 6 years old request :()

                                • xtra travel 06.10.2013

                                  yes, i need it

                                • Andrey Zotov 06.10.2013

                                  i want it

                                • Ricardo Marcoviche 06.10.2013

                                  It will certainly be a great asset to DevExpress.

                                • Holger Kammerer 06.10.2013

                                  Come on guys, it's time now for this tool!

                                • Anderson Luiz Mendes Matos 06.10.2013

                                  People, keep voting this ticket up.
                                  Just placing comments won't help much. Keep voting for this feature.
                                  It's the appropriate way for DX to know that we all want/need this feature.

                                • Anastasius 06.10.2013

                                  How can i vote for this feature? (Add to favorites?)
                                  Many people think it would be a good implementation, please DevExpress help us ;)

                                • Constant (DevExpress Support) 06.10.2013

                                  It is enough to add the thread to your Favorites to let us know that you are interested in the feature implementation.

                                • Anastasius 06.14.2013

                                  Oh, now i found the place where i can vote up ---> Left side of the Picture from the "thread/post/question/issue" starter is the count and there you can click to vote up...

                                • Holger Kammerer 07.04.2013

                                  Hi DevExpress,
                                  can you give us an update?

                                • Constant (DevExpress Support) 07.04.2013

                                  I am afraid we do not have any news regarding this request.

                                • Sergio Luna 07.04.2013

                                  Hi, I want to vote for this Tool. It would be a great added value.
                                  Something like this:

                                • Holger Kammerer 07.06.2013

                                  We now have bought the diagramming (=flowchart) component from Mindfusion. I really can recommend this tool, it's great.
                                  @DevExpress: Maybe it will be better to use your resources for other Tickets, the tool from Mindfusion is really good and it will take much effort to reach this quality.

                                • Robert Fuchs 07.06.2013

                                  Unfortunately Mindfusion is totally overprized at 1150,- for a single component :-(

                                • Holger Kammerer 07.09.2013

                                  Robert, i don't measure "expensive" only in dollar. There are more than a few arguments for me to buy Mindfusion:

                                  1. My customers want such a tool and they pay for it
                                  2. I don't know the timeline from Devexpress. My customers are waiting now for 2 years. How long will they have to wait? Do they switch to another software if i can not deliver?
                                  3. If Devexpress starts to develop such a tool, it takes for minimum 12 months to deliver 50% of the functionality which Mindfusion has
                                  4. Other flowchart-components cost much more, up to 10.000 dollar!
                                  There are a few more minor reasons, but this 4 are the most important. Everyone can decide on his own. I had to make a decision now and i am happy with it.
                                • Anderson Luiz Mendes Matos 07.09.2013

                                  I think that DX has planty capabilities to delivery a highly customizable and feature-rich control, as it has been doing for years.
                                  From one side I'd like to keep with DX only. For about everything, not only features but support, quality, easy of use and all.
                                  But as Holger said, it's up to each and every project (not developer) to decide.
                                  For now, I dont have the IMMEDIATE need for this chart. It would be a great tool to have and deliver but for NOW I won't die withou it. If I have the need to this tool, I'll just buy it, from whatever vendor (there are plenty others and not all of them are priced $10.000).
                                  Anyway, the point is that we're performing a request for this feature.
                                  It's up to DX to decide if this will be implemented or not.
                                  The same way that customers may require you some feature and the decision of providing that is all up to you.
                                  Sometimes you have to say no.

                                • ENGELEN Hans 09.30.2013

                                  One could always use the Visio integration in .Net.
                                  It's far from ideal but it does work. Most of the work is really getting to grips with how Visio works behind the scenes really which is often really obscure.
                                  Some resources (to get you started):
                                  But really it would be great to have a solution that does not require Visio to be installed.

                                • Ian Pook 12.28.2013

                                  Having looked at the Mindfusion offering which is extremely good, I believe a Dx control of this type would be superior as are most of their other controls. I echo the comments of Anderson above, if you add the unrivalled support, interaction with other controls, themes etc this control could be truly awesome as part of our offering to customers.
                                  The potential applications for a visualisation tool like this are limitless (mind mapping, hierarchical diagramming, tree structures, swimlanes, relationship modelling, business process mapping, floor plans, circuit diagrams etc etc etc).

                                • Lothar Behrens - Lollisoft 01.16.2014

                                  I'll also interested in such a diagramming control. I would put UML as a potential application to it. Or better customized domain modelling (MDSD).

                                • Hedi Guizani 01.17.2014

                                  This component is realy missing to devx, and has become a must have in many of today apps, hope to see it here soon

                                • Robert Kapuściński 01.17.2014

                                  We also need such component.

                                • T Gefen 01.17.2014

                                  We too!

                                • Martijn Loeffen 01.17.2014

                                  @DevExpress: In your reply you mention that you don't have enough resources to start implementing this feature. I find it hard to believe that in the past seven years you couldn't find available resources to start implementing this. Could you please explain what requirements must be met in order for you to start developing this particular feature request?

                                • Steve Mol 01.17.2014

                                  "...state will be changed to Planned."
                                  The "state" was part of SC1 and I don't see where that moved to SC2. What is the state now?

                                • Alex (DevExpress Support) 01.17.2014

                                  I confirm that we still have this feature in our To-Do list but it is not currently in the production state. Once we make a final decision regarding this feature, we will update this ticket status accordingly.

                                • Ken Gliddon 01.17.2014

                                  Maybe "changed to planned" = "definite maybe".. jokes aside its good to see some ground swell for this enhancement..

                                • Steve Mol 01.17.2014

                                  I hope it comes before this thread is old enough to drive...

                                • Ariel Wynn 03.26.2014

                                  Agreed... This control needs to be added to the DevExpress suite

                                • ARUNPRASAD 03.26.2014

                                  This is a must have control in devexpress products

                                • Anastasius 03.26.2014

                                  Indeed, this crontoll Needs to be added!

                                • David Lemieux 03.26.2014

                                  Two years ago, Valdemar said that this control was "top priority". Since then, there was a lot of new controls and features added to the suites yet no diagram charts.
                                  Three months from now, Alex said it's "not in production state".
                                  Can anyone at DevExpress explain what "top priority" stands for here? I'm confused. Thanks.

                                • T Gefen 03.26.2014

                                  I need it too. Thx DX.

                                • Constant (DevExpress Support) 03.26.2014

                                  We are aware that this control is one of the most wanted by our customers. However, we do not have immediate plans to implement it. It is unlikely that this control will be created soon.

                                • Dimitris T 03.27.2014

                                  I don't get this. If there is a demand for something like this then maybe it would be worth putting some effort to build it. Kickstart it and we will all contribute :)

                                • Anastasius 03.28.2014

                                  i agree, kickstart it.
                                  This Topic is 7 years old, all here want and need a controll from DevExpress. We didn't wan t to use a other controll developer.
                                  If this realy one of the MOST WANTED controlls by your customers, then DEVELOP it!

                                • David Lemieux 03.28.2014

                                  Two years ago it was top priority, and now it's "unlikely to be created soon"?!
                                  Care to explain what happened?

                                • xtra travel 03.29.2014

                                  I need it too. Thx DX.

                                • Garry Lowther 09.11.2014

                                  Do you have a 'User Voice' forum where your customers can request this feature?
                                  I have received dozens of e-mails indicating that DX customers would like to vote on this feature.
                                  Kind Regards, Garry @ TriSys

                                • Anders Wang 04.19.2015

                                  Hi DX
                                  8 years past, you hasn't found  available resources to implement it even though planning it. When this ticket's state could be changed to "Planned"? 80 years later?

                                • Anders Wang 09.28.2015

                                  Hi All:
                                  8 years has been changed to 9 years.

                                • Anderson Luiz Mendes Matos 09.30.2015

                                  Yup. DX simply won't implement it. Same issue with DotMatrix support on another thread: many many years later, nothinhg has changed (and probably never will).