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                                • Sujo John 1 05.10.2013

                                  Hi, Is there any progress in getting a Vertical ASP.NET grid from DevExpress?

                                • Marion (DevExpress Support) 05.12.2013

                                  I should say that at present we do not plan to implement such a control. At the same time, we understand the value of this functionality and possibly will take it into account when developing further releases.

                                • Brian Wahoff 08.29.2013

                                  I would also be interested in the an mvc version of the Vertical Grid.

                                • Алексей 11.18.2013

                                  What is the status of this issue now?

                                • Anthony (DevExpress Support) 11.18.2013

                                  This control is on the list of features to be implemented. However, to be honest, we do not consider implementing it in the near future.

                                • Blaine 01.10.2014

                                  An alternative development would be to add card and vertical builtin templates to the GridView and allow the Column setting to say where it goes and how big it is. Keep all the Column definition data in a single object rather than make us add to the Columns collection and some sort of template.

                                • Plamen Boev 06.13.2014

                                  any progress on this issue?

                                • Mike (DevExpress Support) 06.16.2014


                                  At this moment, there are no updates regarding this subject and I cannot provide you with the exact time frame on when this feature will be implemented.
                                  We will keep this feature on our radar, but it is still quite premature to discuss when it may be available.
                                  You can add that report to your Favorites list to be automatically notified of our progress.

                                • chandramohan k 04.24.2015

                                  Any updates  about this control ?

                                • Anthony (DevExpress Support) 04.24.2015


                                  At present, we have nothing to share regarding this feature.

                                • Luke Sun 1 04.07.2016

                                  It seems that this is a feature that a lot of people need. Do you have any updates on this?

                                • Stijn Vanden Bossche 06.27.2016

                                  I agree - this is a much needed control. Would be cool if it was also available as an ASP.NET Dashboard widget.

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                                Hi All,

                                Great news, we've introduced the DevExpress ASP.NET Vertical Grid control in the DXperience v16.1 release:

                                Watch the what's new in v16.1 webinar to learn more: