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                                  • Hi Guys,

                                    Am using dxBars 6 within BDS2007 and running under Vista Ultimate trying to emulate the checkbox style used with MS Excel to control some options within an application we are developing. Attached is a screen snippet taken from Excel illustrating the look I am aiming for.

                                    Adding a CheckBox cxEditItem places the checkbox to the right of the textual description and although there is an Align property with iaLeft or iaRight and the Checkbox has an Alignment property taLeftJustify or taRightJustify, none of these appear to be able to produce the desired effect. In addition it appears to be impossible to control the alignment of the checkboxes and text by ensuring that width of the controls are the same.

                                    Using a CheckGroup would perhaps be an alternative, but again there appears to be a problem in that the control is not rendered with an appropriate height to display the options and the font color is incorrect, black and not blue.

                                    The BarsRibbon.jpg attached illustrates the problem.

                                    Dropping normal checkbox controls into a container is not an option either as again the font is the wrong color and hints display differently.

                                    Any advice you can give on what controls to use and the properties to be set to achieve the desired result would be much appreciated.

                                    Best Regards

                                Dear Graeme,

                                Unfortunately, the current version of our editors doesn’t allow you to replicate the exact same layout as in MS Office applications. We do understand that this may be a serious limitation and are planning to update our controls soon ... to meet all the requirements of the Ribbon UI. I have recorded your report as a suggestion with high priority in our lists.


                                Implementation Details:

                                With v2011 vol 2, you can change the position of check boxes in check box controls via the new ViewLayout property introduced to bar item links. By default, all newly created check box controls, which are added to the Ribbon control or traditional toolbars, will have their check boxes positioned before the caption (ViewLayout is set to ivlGlyphControlCaption). In addition, clicking a check box will immediately change its checked state without moving focus to the control (its Properties.ImmediatePost property is now initialized with True). The properties mentioned above are initialized only for new check box controls and only for those that are added to the Ribbon control or traditional toolbars. Check box controls added to popup controls or submenus will retain the former check box position regardless of the ViewLayout setting. For previously created check box controls, you need to manually assign the ViewLayout and Properties.ImmediatePost properties to apply the new look and feel. To access the ViewLayout property and other properties of a bar item link at design time, use the new "Select Link" item available in the customizing popup menu (see Suggestion ID: S38395, Add the capability to easily access bar item link properties of a selected bar item control at design time).

                                We believe that these improvements can help you closely reproduce the look and feel of the Microsoft Office check box controls in your applications.

                                DevExpress VCL Team