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                                  • In the 'guest list' tab in the 'manage guest list' group, I put a radio example. There are 3 items in the editor I barely see any. Changing to 3 rows almost work but it displays only item #3

                                For the time being, you can use the code fix below to achieve the desired layout. This approach is similar to the workaround described in report CS41872 ("Add possibility to allow TdxBarControlContainerItem to span several rows in a Ribbon toolbar").


                                cxBarEditItem.pas function TcxBarEditItemControl.GetPossibleViewLevels: TdxBarItemViewLevels; begin Result := inherited GetPossibleViewLevels; if Item.CaptionIsEditValue then Result := Result - [ivlSmallIconWithText]; Result := Result + [ivlLargeIconWithText]; // <<< insert end;

                                Implementation Details:

                                With v2011 vol 2, the Ribbon automatically adjusts the size of multi-line editors to maximize the number of items/lines displayed. By default, the RadioGroup, CheckGroup, Image, Memo, and Rich editors embedded into the Ribbon via TcxBarEditItem will now be automatically resized, so that their contents (items or text lines) are fully visible. To see the feature in action, watch the "Radio and Check Groups", "Image Editors", and "Multi-line Editors" tab groups in the video published in the
                                Delphi sneak peek: Improvements for the VCL Ribbon for v2011 vol 2
                                blog post.

                                For backward compatibility, you can turn off the new functionality, which is enabled by default for embedded editors. To accomplish this, turn off the ivlLargeControlOnly option available either within the design-time customizing popup menu (the ViewLevels menu item) or via a corresponding bar link's ViewLevels property set. To access the ViewLevels property and other properties of a bar item link at design time, use the new "Select Link" item available in the customizing popup menu (see Suggestion ID: S38395, Add the capability to easily access bar item link properties of a selected bar item control at design time).

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