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                                Welcome to DevExpress Support Center

                                This FAQ is designed to help answer your questions as you begin to explore the new site. While we have tried to anticipate many of your questions, you may have others that we did not answer below. To ask a question, please go to

                                What is the purpose of this site?

                                The online Support Center is our main support channel. This service combines standard support services with a peer-to-peer channel to communication with developers relying on the DevExpress technologies. Our support team constantly monitors all incoming traffic and processes it on the FIFO (first-in-first-out) basis. Please note that we may skip any general questions not related to issues specific to our products.

                                What type of questions can I ask?

                                You may ask any questions you have related to our products, services or technologies we support. You may also provide product feedback and/or use this site as a community engagement channel.

                                If you have a technical problem and want to receive a solution in the quickest possible manner, please provide us as many details on your problem as possible including sample code / project or video illustrating it.

                                Where are the KnowledgeBase articles?

                                This new site displays them inline in the Tickets section, and they look similar to user questions except that the system does not allow post new answers. You still can comment, track for what you like. In addition, the new search engine pushes the most related KnowledgeBase articles to the top when it sorts search results

                                Can I submit questions privately?

                                Yes, simply activate the Private checkbox available on the new question form. All communication marked as private is visible only to you and our DevExpress engineers.

                                How can I close my questions?

                                Once your question has been resolved to your satisfaction, mark it as a Solution. Your question status will immediately become Closed.

                                What are the Terms of Use?

                                At DevExpress we believe strongly in empowering our Community. That said, common sense and mutual respect are expected of all users. For more information please review our Support Center Terms of Use.

                                Support Center Indicators

                                Support Center makes it easy to identify what kind of information each ticket contains using icons. Here is a list of all available icons with brief descriptions:

                                Ticket has no solution yet Open Bug report
                                Ticket has at least one solution Fixed Bug report
                                Ticket has at least one solution approved by DevExpress Implemented Suggestion
                                Ticket has at least one solution accepted by the owner Knowledgebase Article
                                Ticket describes an issue already solved in another ticket Code Example
                                We reproduced the behavior described in the ticket

                                Support Center also highlights ticket subjects to help you easily determine if a certain ticket contains new information:

                                • Subjects of unvisited tickets are displayed with a bold blue font
                                • If you have ever opened a ticket, its subject is marked with the visited style (purple)
                                • If a ticket has been updated since the last time you visited it, a yellow/orange line is displayed to the left of its icon

                                Support Center Filters

                                • Favorites is the central place to have all the items you work on or would like to track. By default, the system suggests you mark any new ticket you create as a Favorite. This ensures that you receive email notifications about changes made on this ticket either by DevExpress or other users (if the ticket is not marked as Private). Our system allows you easily remove any ticket from your Favorites list at any time either while you view the ticket online, or using a special link included in every notification message we send to you.
                                • We consider tickets as Open until they contain any answer marked as a Solution by the ticket owner. In other words, a ticket with any number of answers provided either by DevExpress or by other users may still be open if the owner did not mark it as a Solution. Our system will gently notify you about all such tickets remaining in your Favorites list by sending you a couple of follow-up messages.
                                • All answers coming from the DevExpress team are marked as Approved by DevExpress. This helps you easily distinguish tickets where we have already provided our expert advice from those where we have not.

                                Community Engagement

                                We encourage DevExpress users to use this forum for open discussion as well as a sharing of idea.

                                Can I use this site as a discussion channel?

                                Yes, feel free to do that. If you want to discuss a topic that does not relate to any existing DevExpress technology, simply select General as the Ticket Category.

                                I know the answer, can I help?

                                If you know the answer to any of incoming questions, feel free to post it.

                                Product Feedback and Suggestions

                                Can I submit a product suggestion?

                                Sure! Feel free to send your ideas to us using the Ask Question functionality. Our team constantly reviews all incoming ideas and selects some of them for implementation. This site will automatically notify you when we publish a specific build with a particular idea being implemented.

                                Can I post a bug report?

                                Yes, you can. Simply use the Ask Question functionality; our team will mark your ticket as a bug report as soon as we investigate your case in detail. This site will also notify you as soon as we fix the bug and will allow you to download a hot fix build.