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                                The ThemeResource extension allows you to load a resource from a currently applied DevExpress theme without specifying the theme name in xaml and reload the resource if a theme is changed. You can reference the resource in xaml as follows:

                                <Border Background="{dxi:ThemeResource {dxt:FloatingContainerThemeKey ResourceKey=FloatingContainerBackground}}" />

                                See Also:
                                KA18580 - How to modify DX themes in WPF
                                K18542 - How to implement the ThemeMananger theme support in custom controls
                                T128436 - How to use DevExpress themes in a WPF Application

                                Files to look at:

                                MainWindow.xaml (VB: MainWindow.xaml)
                                MainWindow.xaml.cs (VB: MainWindow.xaml.vb)