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                                This example demonstrates how to create an unbound column that calculates the sum of other columns and changes its values on the fly when end-user changes any grid values using Batch edit mode.

                                You can find detailed steps by clicking below the "Show Implementation Details" link .

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                                Starting with v16.1, it's possible to modify cells without highlighting using the corresponding ASPxClientGridViewBatchEditApi.SetCellValue method overload and make a column non-editable for a user using the GridDataColumnSettings.ShowEditorInBatchEditMode property.

                                <dx:GridViewDataTextColumn FieldName="Sum" UnboundType="Decimal" ReadOnly="true"> <Settings ShowEditorInBatchEditMode="false" /> </dx:GridViewDataTextColumn>
                                function OnBatchEditEndEditing(s, e) { window.setTimeout(function () { var price = s.batchEditApi.GetCellValue(e.visibleIndex, "Price"); var quantity = s.batchEditApi.GetCellValue(e.visibleIndex, "Quantity"); s.batchEditApi.SetCellValue(e.visibleIndex, "Sum", price * quantity, null, true); }, 0); }

                                Files to look at:

                                Default.aspx (VB: Default.aspx)
                                Default.aspx.cs (VB: Default.aspx.vb)