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                                Starting with version 13.2, the ASPxGridView control offers the basic "Batch Editing Mode" functionality that allows accomplishing a similar task with less effort and does not require so much extra code. See the ASP.NET WebForms & MVC: GridView Batch Editblog post to learn more about this new functionality.

                                Starting with version 14.1, the ASPxGridView control offers advanced "Batch Editing Mode" programming options.

                                You can find a standalone DB-independent solution in our Code Examples base at:
                                ASPxGridView - A simple Batch Editing implementation

                                If you have version v14.1+ available, consider using the built-in functionality instead of the approach detailed below.
                                If you need further assistance with this functionality, please create a new ticket in our Support Center.

                                The sample demonstrates how to send individual callbacks to the database to perform instant editing of the datatable without switching the grid to Edit mode. The XPO is used for demonstrating purposes only. If the SqlDataSource is used, it will be enough to create corresponding SQL statements and perform partial updating manually.
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