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  1. New WinExplorer View

  2. New WinExplorer View - File Manager

  3. Edit Form

  4. Popup Edit Form

  5. In-Line Editing

  6. Web Style Row Selection

  7. Grid Pixel Scrolling

WinForms Grid Enhancements

The best keeps on getting better.
New in 13.2

Windows Explorer View
The WinExplorer View emulates the Microsoft Windows Explorer user interface. You can display records with captions, descriptions, images and check boxes using one of the following options:

  • Small Icons
  • Medium Icons
  • Large Icons
  • ExtraLarge Icons
  • Tiles
  • List
  • Content

Data grouping is supported so you can more effectively organize information and display it on screen for your end-users.

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Inline Data Editing with Built-In Edit Forms
The DevExpress WinForms Grid now ships with three built-in edit modes to help simplify data entry and reduce the code you need to write to deliver the UI experience most suited to your enterprise.

  • Inline Edit Form
  • Popup Edit Form
  • In-Line Editing

This new option allows you to incorporate an auto-generated layout within the edit form or a custom layout via the DevExpress Layout Control.

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Web Style Row Selection
With this release, you can now select multiple grid rows via checkboxes. Check boxes can be optionally displayed within data rows, group rows and the column header.

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New in 13.1 (released June, 2013)

Grid Pixel Scrolling
Our WinForms grid now provides flawless pixel-based vertical scrolling.

WinForms Spreadsheet Control

Deliver Excel inspired capabilities with ease.
New in 13.2
  • Charting
  • Mail-Merge
  • Conditional formatting

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New in 13.1 (released June, 2013)
  • In-place cell editing
  • Support for XLSX, XLS, CSV and TXT file formats (export and import)
  • Print and Export to PDF
  • Formula calculations
  • Comprehensive worksheet, row, column and cell management
  • Embedded pictures support
  • Cell appearance and value formatting
  • Automatically-generated Ribbon UI
  • And so much more...
  1. Charting

  2. Mail Merge

  3. Conditional Formatting

  4. Built-in Ribbon UI

  5. Formula Support

  6. Built-in Menus

  7. Sample Spreadsheet

  1. Weather Demo

  2. Bing Maps Support

  3. Open Street Format Support

  4. Color Legend

  5. Shapefile Support

New WinForms Map Control

Take users where they want to go.
New in 13.2
  • Support for DevExpress Application Themes
  • Animated scrolling and zooming
  • Support for Bing Services (Search, Geocode and Route) (Watch the Video)
  • Zooming: Ability to zoom in/select a specific region and display current map information
  • Printing: Ability to preview and print the contents of the Map control

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New in 13.1 (released June, 2013)

The DevExpress Map Control was introduced in June, 2013 and included the following built-in features:

  • Support for Bing Maps and OpenStreetMap data providers
  • Multiple Layers: Ability to show an unlimited number of map layers
  • Support for Loading Vector Data from Shapefile and KML formats
  • Vector Elements: Numerous built-in vector elements such as Line, Rectangle, Polyline, Polygon, Callout and many others
  • Navigation Panel: Contains various UI elements that help end-users scroll and zoom the map area
  • Colorizer: Ability to automatically color map shapes (added manually or loaded from different shape formats) based on geographic data
  • Color Legend: Support for two types of a color legend: color scale and color list
  • Data Binding: Ability to generate elements from a data source
  • Selection: Ability to select map elements in several selection modes such as Single, Multiple, Extended
  • Built-in Tooltips: Does not require a single line of code and is enabled by default where appropriate

Flyout Panel

Deliver UI experiences that amaze.
New in 13.2

The new DevExpress WinForms Flyout Panel offers a perfect way to create auto-hide toolbars…A perfect choice when screen real-estate is at a premium or when you wish to replicate UI experiences that mimic those found on today’s most popular mobile apps. It can be docked to a form’s border and is automatically hidden when not in use.

WinForms Flyout Panel
WinForms Tile Control - Template Gallery

Tile Control Template Gallery

Touch-enabled apps just got easier to build.
New in 13.2

The DevExpress WinForms Tile Control was inspired by Microsoft Windows 8 and offers you a rich set of UI options so you can deliver solutions that emulate Windows 8 Live Tiles on the WinForms platform. With this release, you can now choose from 46 built-in templates, designed to automatically generate all necessary UI elements and frames, apply appropriate font settings and arrange text blocks. All you’ll have to do is to change the default element text to your own and enjoy a Live Tile experience that fully meets Microsoft Tile Guidelines.

WinForms Chart Control

Visualize data - communicate cause and effect.
New in 13.2
  • Legend Check Boxes
    This release includes legend checkboxes which allow end-users to toggle the visibility of various chart elements.

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  • Data Dependent Aggregation
    The DevExpress WinForms Chart Control is now able to aggregate data based upon chart size and its current zoom level.

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WinForms Chart Control - Legend Check Boxes
WinForms Document Manager - New Widget View

WinForms Document Manager

Create customizable user interfaces that impress.
New in 13.2

The new Widget View allows you to group your Documents into horizontally or vertically oriented Stack Groups and create Dashboard-like user experiences. End-users can maximize or minimize required Documents and drag them from one Stack Group to another. Flexible star-measured length for Stack Groups applies dynamic WPF-like scaling to your content, so you can be certain that Documents are always displayed as required when a form is resized.

The WidgetView includes built-in animations when repositioning individual widgets, when minimizing/maximizing a widget and when changing form size.

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WinForms Taskbar Assistant

Inform of progress and provide shortcuts to your app.
New in 13.2

The new Taskbar Assistant component was built to simplify the customization of the Windows taskbar button, its live preview (displayed when you hover your mouse over the taskbar button) and to help you create jump lists (when you right click the taskbar button). Its features include the following:

  • Overlay image on top of the application icon.
  • Progress indication, including regular or marquee progress bars, pause and error display styles.
  • Custom buttons in the live preview window (displayed when hovering over the application icon).
  • Configurable task list or document list (displayed when right-clicking the application icon).
WinForms Taskbar Assistant
WinForms Docking - Visual Studio 2013 Behavior

WinForms Docking

Create Visual Studio inspired applications.
New in 13.2

This release includes the following enhancements to our dock windows library so you can deliver Visual Studio 2013 inspired user experiences with ease.

  • Whether your document is tabbed or floating, Toolbar/Menu and Ribbon controls from child documents are now merged into the main application form.
  • Dock Hints are now painted using the current application theme.
  • The new Float All command undocks all tabs and places them into a Floating Document Container.
  • The new Move To Main Document Group command returns the selected document into the main tabbed container.
  • You are now able to drag a Floating Document Container and dock all its Documents at the same time to a specific location.
  • Clicking toolbar/ribbon commands within the main form does not take input focus away from Documents and Panels.

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WinForms PDF Viewer Control

New in 13.2

The DevExpress WinForms PDF Viewer now ships with full Text Search support and a built-in search UX.

New in 13.1 (released June, 2013)

With the PDF Viewer control, you can display PDF files directly in your WinForms application without the need to install an external PDF viewer application on your end user's machine. This control supports printing, text search, zooming, scrolling, embedded fonts, continuous page layout and provides a ready-to-go Ribbon tab, so you can quickly incorporate it into your application. The WinForms PDF Viewer supports:

  • Exporting of any page to image.
  • Document information.
  • Password-protected documents.
WinForms PDF Viewer Control
  1. New Visual Studio 2013 Blue Theme

  2. New Visual Studio 2013 Black Theme

  3. New Visual Studio 2013 Light Theme

WinForms Application Themes

Deliver elegance with absolute ease.
New in 13.2

The DevExpress application theme collection continues to evolve and in this release, we’ve introduced 3 new skins inspired by Microsoft Visual Studio 2013.

  • Visual Studio 2013 Blue
  • Visual Studio 2013 Black
  • Visual Studio 2013 Light

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New Live Tile Manager Component

New in 13.1 (released June, 2013)

A bridge from your existing WinForms applications to the Windows 8 Start Screen. With this new control, WinForms Applications can transfer their data to Windows 8 tiles so that multiple tile frames can be set up for an animation.

WinForms Component for Start Menu Tile Animation
WinForms Sparkline Editor Control

New WinForms Editors

Tree-List Lookup, Sparkline and Popup Gallery
New in 13.1 (released June, 2013)

TreeListLookUpEdit: A lookup editor that utilizes our TreeList for its drop-down list.

SparklineEdit: Sparklines are used to visualize data in a highly condensed manner allowing end-users to quickly consume and compare data. The DevExpress Sparkline is designed for use in 3 use-case scenarios: standalone, inside data-aware container controls like the WinForms Data Grid or within Reports.

PopupGalleryEdit: A new drop-down editor that displays a GalleryControl within its popup.

DevExpress Icon Library

Visual Studio Integrated Image Picker
New in 13.1 (released June, 2013)

Released in June, 2013, the Icon Library includes a rich collection of icons and images created by our design team. Using the design-time DevExpress Image Picker, you can access images from the Gallery and assign them to specific controls.

The design-time Image Picker has powerful search and filtering mechanisms to locate images. The DevExpress Image Picker and extended smart tags work together to provide a superior design-time experience.

WinForms Icon Library
WinForms Grayscale Skin-Synchronized Icons

DevExpress Icon Library

Grayscale Icons with Skin Synchronization
New in 13.1 (released June, 2013)

If you are using grayscale icons from the new DevExpress Icon Library, you can now enable automatic color adjustment depending on the currently applied skin. If a dark skin is used, all icons will automatically switch to light colors thus maintaining appropriate contrast. These icons will also update colors for hot-tracked and pressed states.

This feature is available across our WinForms Navigation controls including toolbars, menus, Ribbon and Navbar.

WinForms Gauge Controls

New Scale Types and Visual Styles
New in 13.1 (released June, 2013)
  • Logarithmic Scale for circular and linear gauges
  • New styles - Flat Light and Flat Dark
  1. New Light Flat Theme

  2. New Dark Flat Theme

WinForms Touch-Enabled Controls

New Touch-Optimized Controls

New in 13.1 (released June, 2013)

Multiple new touch-friendly controls are now available, including DatePicker, TimePicker, ToggleSwitch.

WinForms Scheduler

Custom Form Builder
New in 13.1 (released June, 2013)

The design-time smart tag panel of the XtraScheduler control includes a smart tag that invokes an assistant to help you create custom appointment forms. The wizard allows you to select a form template, adds template to the project and automatically inserts the code required to display a custom form instead of the default appointment form.

WinForms Scheduler Control - Custom Form Builder
WinForms Controls - New Designer UI

New Control Designer UI

New in 13.1 (released June, 2013)

Design-time customization dialogs for our WinForms Controls have been re-designed for improved usability and a more consistent user experience.

Contextual Smart Tags

Design-Time Improvements
New in 13.1 (released June, 2013)

WinForms Navigation Controls (including the Ribbon, Toolbars, NavBar) now display Smart Tags for their individual elements. This allows a customer to customize the control's layout and main settings with a few simple clicks, without using the Property Grid. We've also reviewed and extended our Smart Tags based on the usage experience of the controls.

WinForms Controls - Smart Tags for Elements
WinForms Data Source Wizard

New WinForms Data Source Wizard

New in 13.1 (released June, 2013)

Available via a Smart Tag or the clickable label on any DevExpress data-aware control, this wizard helps you set up your Data Source in three easy steps.

In the first step, the Wizard lists all data sources found in the solution, categorized by the data access technologies. If needed, you can select a data access technology and create a new data source.

Once the data source has been selected or created, you choose a data binding mode from a list (all list items have short descriptions and links to our online documentation). Finally, the third step allows you to customize Control and Data Source specific settings. After you click Finish, the wizard adds a data source component to the form, binds the control and generates all necessary code.

Visual Studio Template Gallery

New in 13.1 (released June, 2013)

Prior to 13.1, we offered numerous Project/Item Templates that were created over many release cycles. These templates could be found in various locations within Visual Studio. This release includes a fully consolidated DevExpress Template Gallery - the entry point for all Project/Item Templates. The Template Gallery provides a unified way to use DevExpress templates, features powerful filtering and searching mechanisms and contains sample images and descriptions for each template, thus simplifying the way in which selections are made for individual projects. 13.1 also includes improvements to shipping templates and offers additional template options.

WinForms Project Template Gallery
WinForms Form Assistant Component

FormAssistant component

New in 13.1 (released June, 2013)

This helper component is designed for first time users. When placed on the application form, it allows you to:

  • Convert between various form types (Form, XtraForm, RibbonForm)
  • Select a skin
  • Automatically initialize a skin engine to enable form skinning
  • Add the BonusSkins library to the project's References section
  • Specify basic form settings

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