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Report Server - Built and optimized for .NET

The Cost-Effective Report Server

Built and optimized for .NET
Engineered as a turnkey solution, the DevExpress Report Server includes a fully integrated Report Server and Client that provides straightforward setup, intuitive administration and comprehensive report distribution options for individuals within and outside your enterprise.
The DevExpress Report Server won't break your IT budget. You can purchase it with 15 Client Access Licenses for only $1999.99 – a fraction of the cost when compared with similar products.

The IT Friendly Report Server

Easy setup and administration
The DevExpress Report Server was built with your IT department in mind and engineered so you can get the most out of your IT reporting and data analytics investment.
The DevExpress Report Server reduces pressures on both development and IT teams by empowering users to directly generate and manage reports. The Report Server offers straightforward user management and role definition so you retain control where needed. It includes insightful data management capabilities in order to maximize productivity and minimize grunt work. It delivers on the promise of simplified report customization so end-users can unleash the power of information in a manner that best fits their needs. Built-in report versioning means modifications can be made with absolute safety and hassle-free report distribution means information is delivered to who matters, when it matters.
Report Server - IT Friendly, Easy Setup and Administration
Report Server - Enterprise Ready, Target Any Database

The Enterprise Ready Report Server

Target any database, anytime
The DevExpress Report Server eliminates the hassles and limitations of proprietary reporting platforms and allows your enterprise to fully support any data provider, service or data API. It offers long term flexibility because it never places restrictions on the manner in which data is accessed and because it abstracts the report presentation layer from the data layer. The DevExpress Report Server ensures that when a report is generated, it can be viewed on any device or form factor against any database or data source.

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