The extensibility of CodeRush is it's single greatest feature because by extending the product you can help newbies adhere with team standards, implement that great VS feature idea you had, or simply exploit all the killer plug-ins submitted by the CodeRush community.

Register Custom Types for Use in Templates

When using a code template, you type an abbreviation that is expanded into a meaningful code block. Such abbreviations may consist of several parts one of which denotes a data type. For instance, "vi" stands for an integer variable, while "vb" for a Boolean variable. All such templates were hard-coded into the CodeRush engine before version 2.0. You needed to build a completely new template to use custom data types.

Now you can easily register any type for use in templates. To do so, simply right-click a type name and select the Use Type in Templates... item. After you specify a short alias for your type, you will be able to use this alias in exactly the same manner as you do with built-in types.

Click the following image to see how to register a custom type.

Register a custom type for use in Templates - CodeRush by DevExpress
Extend Selection Embeddings

The Selection Embedding feature allows you to easily surround a selected code block with predefined statements. For instance, it allows you to embed selected code lines into a try/finally block or a for loop.

When you use embeddings, you not only add text before and after the current selection. This feature can also change the resulting caret position, can drop markers, can paste clipboard content into the specified location and more. For additional details, please see the Advanced Selection Tools page.

CodeRush gives you full control over Selection Embeddings. You can customize the embeddings menu, change any built-in embedding or create custom ones manually. Note that you are not limited in functionality if you build your own embeddings. You can not only specify where and which text to add, but also make use of all additional features such as dropping markers, pasting from the clipboard, etc.

Click the next image to see how you can customize Selection Embeddings using the CodeRush's Options dialog.

Embedding Page in the Options Dialog - CodeRush by DevExpress
Custom Templates

CodeRush includes many powerful templates, but perhaps the most powerful CodeRush feature is the ability to build your own in seconds.

Custom Plug-ins

Every single CodeRush feature is implemented as a plug-in using Visual Studio's form designer and property browser. It's the fastest, most powerful way to extend Visual Studio® .NET -- guaranteed!

While the VSIP SDK gives you the ability to extend Visual Studio, CodeRush makes it easy and fun. Most importantly you can extend Visual Studio .NET using 100% managed Code, and do so in a completely visual manner.

CodeRush for Visual Studio® .NET is also 100% managed code and fully integrated within the IDE itself, so you can start extending your development environment today using nothing but managed code.

Advanced wizards plus a visual yet dramatically powerful architecture let you extend Visual Studio in amazing ways. If you have a great idea for improving your software development process, using the CodeRush architecture you'll be able to realize it that much faster (and with far fewer lines of code).

Plug-in wizards create tool windows, standard plug-ins and options pages. These wizards lay the foundation for every kind of CodeRush plug-in. CodeRush plug-ins are descendants of .NET controls, having properties and a rich collection of useful events. Just drop these specialized controls onto your plug-in design surface as needed.

Extension components - CodeRush by DevExpress

Because plug-ins are .NET controls, you can use Visual Studio's Property Inspector to change properties and create event handlers. Want to bind to a particular event, drop a component on the design surface set a few properties handle some events and you have a totally new plug-in. Extend your environment using the same skills and languages you use to build applications.

Extension properties  - CodeRush by DevExpress

No mountains of legacy COM Code and C++ needed, all you need is a good idea.

Community created Plug-ins

Of course, even if you have no aspirations of enhancing Visual Studio, you can still benefit from this feature by exploiting (downloading) third-party plug-ins created by the CodeRush community.

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