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DevExpress recognizes technical leaders who have demonstrated an expertise with our products as MVPs. These individuals have invested time and energy building a deep-knowledge of, passion for, and experience with one or more DevExpress toolsets. Whats more, they freely share their know-how with others. The program recognizes these exceptional contributions to the greater DevExpress community by allowing MVPs early access to products and a forum for providing feedback. We invite you to nominate yourself or other individuals as DevExpress MVPs or learn about some of these outstanding technologists.

the Elite

Current DevExpress MVPs

The following individuals have demonstrated a technical expertise with one or more DevExpress products and a willingness to freely share their knowledge with the DevExpress community.

                DevExpress MVP: Markic, Miha
Miha Markic

Miha currently works as a free-lance consultant and software developer specialized in .net area. He graduated in Computer and information science at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. He has accumulated experience in various programming languages such as Java, Visual Basic 3-6 (MCP), Visual C++, Delphi, C# and VB.Net through years. He has experience in practically all (technical) stages of project development, including planning, framework development, user interface, business processes, as well as testing and documenting. He has worked on big and small projects in Slovenia and abroad (e.g. participated in completing level 3 IS for the Nucor steel plant, Hertford, USA). Currently he enjoys programming in .net environment using C#, WPF, ASP.NET MVC, ORM and other cutting edge technologies producing Windows desktop, web and mobile solutions (including Android). He has been a Microsoft MVP C# and Developer Express' DX Squad member for several years. He also presents at conferences and other events in Slovenia.


Consulting and development of .NET solutions.

                DevExpress MVP: Ackerson, Rich
Rich Ackerson

I graduated from the New Jersey Institute of Technology in 1988, earning a degree in Computer Engineering. For the majority of my professional career I have designed and developed software solutions for the health care industry, including such specialties as home health, HME, pharmaceuticals, and ophthalmology. Recent endeavors have included work flow management and document imaging solutions. After 25 years in the industry I thought it was time for a change; I now work full time for a leading provider of software solutions targeting the world's financial market.

Through the years I've gained experience in an assortment of programming languages including BASIC, PowerBuilder, C/C++, Delphi, C# and Oxygene. I consider myself a Delphi developer first and foremost; my experiences include Object Pascal coding, application framework design, custom component creation, multi-tier implementations and IDE extension development. It is the latter, specifically my work writing plug-ins for CodeRush, that first drew me to Developer Express' DX-Squad. Writing custom plug-ins to extend the Delphi IDE, helping fellow CodeRush users, and hosting a website to provide a centralized repository for community plug-ins became a passion of mine.


I am the primary developer behind CodeSiteEx, an open-source add-on to Raize Software's CodeSite debugging utility that provides simpler method tracing, limited code profiling, and extensive content reporting methods. Through an arrangement with Raize Software, the latest releases of CodeSite now incorporate some of CodeSiteEx's more sophisticated features but the product itself remains a valuable part of a Delphi developer's toolkit. It can be downloaded from

                DevExpress MVP: Woolls, Nate
Nate Woolls

I've been developing desktop software applications for Windows since 2000. The first professional development environment I cut my teeth on was Delphi 5, and I’ve been using Delphi since.

Beginning in 2002, I started specializing in developing web services, generally backed by a SQL Server database, along with desktop and web based web service clients. I began developing for ASP.NET in 2003, and began working with the rest of the .NET framework in earnest in 2007. In 2010 I started developing for multiple platforms including Mac OS X, iOS, and Windows Phone 7.


Starting in 2011 I began offering my services as a consultant covering all aspects of the software development lifecycle, including database development, managed, native, and mobile software development, scalability, testability, integration, and more. Visit to find out more.

                DevExpress MVP: Muck, Brendon
Brendon Muck

I've been a professional .NET developer (C# preferred) for about 10 years and I've been employed by Logistic Dynamics, Inc. in Buffalo, New York since 2005. I'm responsible for developing all of their desktop and web applications which are used by about 50 offices across North America. I have a BS degree in Management Information Science from Canisus College and in my spare time I enjoy watching hockey, movies, live music, and playing the guitar.


DXperience, WinForms, XPO and some ASP.NET, Special Skillz in inserting images into the XtraGrid

                DevExpress MVP: Walsh, Chris
Chris Walsh

DXperience Silverlight, DXperience WPF, DXperience ASP.NET (using controls in SharePoint), Some XPO

                DevExpress MVP: Kitchener, Daryn
Daryn Kitchener

As a professional .NET developer, I have worked with some of Australia's largest organisations designing, testing and deploying a range of applications, websites and web applications to meet various outcomes. I have been developing for just over 20 years and enjoy coding with C#. As a developer and owner of a development business, productivity is important to me and the decision to start using DX controls 8 years ago has proven to be one of the best operational choices I have ever made. The controls provide a terrific set of options to solve complex business requirements whilst delivering applications of a high standard and consistent look and feel.

I am very passionate about the range of DevExpress products and with helping others understand the value these libraries add to any organisation or developer.

I live in Brisbane, Australia with my beautiful wife Debbie and 2 children. In my spare time, I love a game of golf, watching a movie or just relaxing to some music.


ASP.NET, XPO, WinForms, Reporting

                DevExpress MVP: Greiner, Marc
Marc Greiner

Marc is a software developer with extensive experience using DevExpress controls including DXperience WinForms, DXperience ASP.NET, XPO / XAF.


WinForms Subscription, ASP.NET Subscription, XPO

                DevExpress MVP: Praxmarer, Martin
Martin Praxmarer

Martin Praxmarer is the CEO of PraKom Software GmbH.


Here at, our main product is an highly flexible, modern erp solution called VenDoc( – which we have build on top of the xaf framework!

                DevExpress MVP: Danvy, Alex
Alex Danvy

DevExpress all-rounder - there isn't anything Alex hasn't tried out!

                DevExpress MVP: Cox Jr, Gary
Gary Cox Jr

XAF, XPO, XtraReports, Some WinForms, Some ASP.NET

                DevExpress MVP: Hoefkens, Koen
Koen Hoefkens

CodeRush, CodeRush Xpress, Refactor! Pro, DXCore

                DevExpress MVP: Persch, Holger
Holger Persch

WinForms Subscription, ASP.Net MVC Extensions and eXpress Persistent Objects (XPO)

                DevExpress MVP: Proctor, Michael
Michael Proctor

XPO, XtraGrid, XtraEditors, XtraReports, XtraBars, XtraLayoutControl

                DevExpress MVP: Fudickar, Jens
Jens Fudickar

VCL Controls

                DevExpress MVP: Westerdahl, Trevor
Trevor Westerdahl

DXperience Winforms (XtraEditors, XtraGrid, XtraTreeList, XtraReports) - XPO - Some ASP.NET

                DevExpress MVP: Liekhus, Patrick
Patrick Liekhus

DevExpress .NET Application Frameworks (XAF & XPO)


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