What's New in Blazor Components

What's New in 0.3.3 (Beta)

.NET Core 3.0 Release Candidate 1 Support

What's New in 0.3.2 (Beta)

Form Layout Enhancements

  • Create group layouts for different screen resolutions. Use the DxFormLayoutGroup class' ColSpanXX properties to specify the width of layout groups for different screens.
  • Create tabbed layouts for different screen resolutions. Use the DxFormLayoutTabPages class' ColSpanXX properties to specify the width of tabs for different screens.

What's New in 0.3.1 (Beta)

Blazor Preview 9 Support

What's New in 0.3.0 (Beta)

Data Grid Enhancements

Master-Detail Data Presentation

This update includes easy-to-configure master-detail support so you can deliver business solutions quickly, without wasting your precious time. You can create master-detail layouts of any complexity - with any number of nesting levels and any number of details at each level.

Online Demo: Master-Detail View

Blazor Data Grid - Master-Detail Data Presentation

Milti-Column Grouping

End-users can group data against an unlimited number of columns by dragging column headers into the group panel. Data Grouping can also be managed entirely in code.

Online Demo: Data Grouping

Blazor Data Grid - Multi-Column Grouping

Multiple Row Selection

This update gives users the ability to select multiple records via row clicks and checkboxes. Multiple options give you total control over the manner in which records are selected within the grid. You can enable Record Selection via checkboxes displayed in the Grid's command column or via individual row clicks.

Online Demo: Multiple Row Selection

Multiple Row Selection - Blazor Data Grid, DevExpress

Drag & Drop Column Headers

Integrated Column Header Drag & Drop support means that your end-users can rearrange grid columns and group data by dragging column headers into the group panel.

Scheduler - Appointment Management

Data editing is built-in. The built-in Appointment Dialog allows end-users to create new and modify existing appointments.

Blazor Scheduler - Appointment Management, DevExpress

End-users can specify the Subject associated with the event, it's Location, Start and End Time, Description and more.

Blazor Scheduler - Edit Appointment, DevExpress

With this update, end-users can also rearrange / resize appointments via drag & drop.

Blazor Scheduler - Drag and Drop Support, DevExpress

Online Demo: Scheduler Views

Text Box - Password Mode

Set the new Password property to true to enable the password mode.

Online Demo: Password Box

Data Editors - Read-Only Mode

Our Blazor Data Editors now support the read-only mode, which is enabled by setting the ReadOnly property to true.

API Enhancements

  • DxDataGrid.AllowDataRowSelection is now obsolete.
    Use DxDataGrid.SelectionMode = "DataGridSelectionMode" instead.
  • DxDataGrid.SelectedDataRow renamed to DxDataGrid.SingleSelectedDataRow.
  • DxDataGrid.SelectedDataRowChanged renamed to DxDataGrid.SingleSelectedDataRowChanged.

What's New in 0.2.0 (Beta)

New Blazor Chart Component

The DevExpress Chart for Blazor helps you transform data to its most appropriate, concise and readable visual representation. Our Blazor Chart component delivers 2D chart types - ranging from area and bars to line and bubble views.

Features include:

Blazor Chart UI Component, DevExpress

Line Charts

Line Chart for Blazor, DevExpress

Line Chart

Step Line Chart for Blazor, DevExpress

Step Line Chart

Stacked Line Chart for Blazor, DevExpress

Stacked Line Chart

Full Stacked Line Chart for Blazor, DevExpress

Full Stacked Line Chart

Area Charts

Area Chart for Blazor, DevExpress

Area Chart

Step Area Chart for Blazor, DevExpress

Step Area Chart

Stacked Area Chart for Blazor, DevExpress

Stacked Area Chart

Full Stacked Area Chart for Blazor, DevExpress

Full Stacked Area Chart

Spline Area Chart for Blazor, DevExpress

Spline Area Chart

Stacked Spline Area Chart for Blazor, DevExpress

Stacked Spline Area Chart

Full Stacked Spline Area Chart for Blazor, DevExpress

Full Stacked Spline Area Chart

Bar Charts

Area Chart for Blazor, DevExpress

Bar Chart

Stacked Bar Chart for Blazor, DevExpress

Stacked Bar Chart

Full Stacked Bar Chart for Blazor, DevExpress

Full Stacked Bar Chart

Bubble Chart

Bubble Chart for Blazor, DevExpress

Data Grid Enhancements

  • Multi-Column Sorting - Hold the Shift key down when clicking column headers to sort data against multiple columns.
  • DxDataGrid.AllowSort - Specifies whether end-users can sort data within the grid.
  • Cell Text Alignment
  • Command Buttons (customization and optional display)

New column options:

  • AllowSort - Specifies whether users can sort data by the column's values.
  • SortOrder - Specifies a column sort order.
  • SortIndex - Specifies a column position among sorted columns.

Demo: Blazor Data Grid - Sort Data

What's New in 0.1.0 (Beta)

New Blazor Scheduler and Calendar Component

With our Scheduler & Calendar for Blazor you can deliver full-featured personal information management systems in the shortest possible time.

Features include:

  • Day View
  • Week View
  • Work Week View
  • Recurring Appointments
  • Data Binding

Blog Post: New Blazor Scheduler Component
Online Demo: Scheduler for Blazor

Blazor Scheduler and Calendar Component, DevExpress

.Net Core 3.0 Preview 7 Support

Data Grid Enhancements

TreeView Enhancements

With this update, the DevExpress TreeView component for Blazor can be bound to hierarchical data structures.

See how to bind our Blazor TreeView to hierarchical datasource.

Form Layout - Toggle Item Visibility

What's New in 0.0.12

Virtual Scrolling

This update includes virtual scrolling support for two of our Blazor components: Data Grid and ComboBox.

Blog Post

Data Grid Demo  ComboBox Demo  Demo Sources

API Enhancements

Data Grid

  • 'AllowRowSelection' renamed to 'AllowDataRowSelection'
  • 'SelectedDataItem' renamed to 'SelectedDataRow'
  • 'SelectedItemChanged' renamed to 'SelectedDataRowChanged'


  • 'ExpandedChanging' is replaced with two new events: 'BeforeCollapse' and 'BeforeExpand'
  • 'ExpandedChanged' is replaced with two new events: 'AfterCollapse' and 'AfterExpand'

What's New in 0.0.11

New TreeView UI Component

The DevExpress TreeView for Blazor displays hierarchical data structures within a tree-like UI metaphor. The component can be used to simplify navigation within a web app or to display self-referenced information to end-users.

Online Demo  Blog Post

TreeView UI Component for Blazor | DevExpress

Combo Box Enhancements

  • Data Filteing
  • User Input
  • Keyboard Support

Online Demo

What's New in 0.0.10

Support for .Net Core 3.0 Preview 6.

What's New in 0.0.9

Resolved Issues

  • Data Grid - A row cannot be selected on iOS.
  • Data Grid - The NullReferenceException occurs when a user edits a new row with a null row editor value.
  • Combo Box - A drop-down item cannot be selected on iOS.
  • Form Layout - The NullReferenceException occurs when the Form Layout is bound to a model with null property values.

What's New in 0.0.8

In this update, we've enhanced the Data Grid's Edit Form. New features include:

  • Cascading Combo Boxes
  • Edit Form Template
  • Input Validation

Resolved Issues

T745260 - DxDataGrid - The NullReferenceException occurs after you cancel new row editing.

What's New in 0.0.7

  • Form Layout and date editors now support Blazor Validation.
  • The Combo Box now supports NullText.
  • Our online demos now have the theme selector.

What's New in 0.0.6

Blazor Client-Side Support

What's New in 0.0.5

.NET Core 3.0 Preview 5 Support

What's New in 0.0.4

New Form Layout Component

Our new Form Layout component allows you to create responsive and automatically-aligned edit forms. The Form Layout is also integrated into our Data Grid and used as the edit form.

Online Demo

Form Layout Component for Blazor, DevExpress

New Tabs Component

Improve content organization via our new Tabs component for Blazor. Features include:

  • Data Binding
  • Groups
  • Tabbed Groups
  • Configurable label position.

Online Demo

Tabs Component for Blazor, DevExpress

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • .NET Core 3.0 Preview 4 Support
  • Product name is changed from "Razor Components" to "Blazor".

What's New in 0.0.3

  • We've updated DevExtreme.AspNet.Data to v2.2.0 to improve the overall performance.
  • We've added Bootstrap hover and select effects to Combo Box drop-down items.

Resolved Issues

  • The down arrow image is not properly aligned within the Combo Box drop-down button.
  • Date Edit Calendar - Arrow images within the month/year navigation buttons are not of the same height.

What's New in 0.0.2

Resolved Issues

Data Grid - the New command button doesn't work properly.

What's New in 0.0.1

Data Grid

A fast and responsive grid for Blazor. Features include:

  • Data Binding
  • Editing
  • Paging
  • Filtering
  • Row Selection
  • Pre-defined Column Types
  • Templates

Data Grid UI Component for Blazor, DevExpress

Pivot Grid

An Excel-inspired pivot table control engineered for multi-dimensional data analysis and cross-tab reporting. Its features include:

  • High performance data loading
  • Built-in aggregate functions (Average, Count, Max, Min and Sum)
  • Sorting
  • Expand/Collapse
  • Paging
  • Templates

Pivot Grid Control for Blazor Razor Components, DevExpress

Data Editors and Pager

The utility controls shipping with our Blazor suite include four individual data editor components, a multi-purpose pager, form layout and tabs. Data editors can be used as standalone controls or to edit Data Grid cell values.

  • Combo Box
  • Data Edit
  • Spin Edit
  • Text Box
  • Pager

Data Editors and Pager for Blazor Razor Components, DevExpress